Pilot shortage

This is a very interesting article maybe some of our fellow pilots can share some of there experiences with these problems.

Currently in the industry there is a shortage. How long this will last is unknown. But I for one am going to take advantage of it! Helps people looking for employment land themselves a job.

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@Harry did you read the article?

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Good job regional airlines. Hope you learned you guys learned your lesson on why you shouldn’t pay pilots $20,000 to fly


No, but given the title I figured it out. You bet there’s a shortage! Training costs are one of the biggest investments any young person will make. Results in young individuals having to obtain large loans that run the risks of property reclaim. Though the course i’m doing assures this risk is minimised, but it’s too expensive anywhere you go.

Well it touches base on that but that’s not what the artical was about

The article was more aimed at pilot shortage as a result of low pay. But I got the gist. It’s a big issue for sure.

@Boeing707 thanks for moving :)

The part that got me was the decline of respect talked about and the adverse effects that trickle down from that mindset

VET’s can still use there VA Education Benifits to pay a good portion of tuition & living coasts to any accredited flight school. See: the VA Web site.
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I might as well tell Air New Zealand I am coming, I have my whole career planned out. RNZAF, then Air New Zealand Captain on the Dash 8 and A320, then become F/O on 77W

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I’d say it’s a fairly respected job, especially if you’re an enthusiast. People do take it for granted, not realising the physical, mental and more importantly the financial challenges every pilot has had to of tackled.

For me, passion and success comes from the moment you turn your ‘job’ into a career.

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I say go for it, with both hands, something I was told by a training pilot and fellow controller. Someone a little further down the same route. It’s funny how the IF community can bring so many contacts to light, helps people have better access to information.

Going at it with full force is always good, but remember to keep a realistic mind set. Take each challenge as it comes lol.

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Wilco, the strange thing is, a cropdusting chopper pilot landed on my lawn this morning and told me the exact same thing.

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