Pilot requested holds plus VNAV climb function

Now I haven’t seen it personally but has anyone thought (sure many have) that an option for pilots to be able to request a holding pattern at a designated FIX/VOR? Allowing pilots to have the option too in flight. Giving more realism.

On a side note, The VNAV system works great! However; it would be better if it was able to climb aswell as descend to a target?

I hope this topic isn’t heated in any way by myself and I did prior look for a suitable thread for “requests” but clearly wasn’t able. 😂

Opinion Comments wanted! 😊

Happy flying


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Hey there Jason!

Hope all is well. This is a neat feature and one that I hope to see in the future. This is something that we have available to us and something that we could request when flying in the real world, so what you’re requesting isn’t an “out of this world” idea. That said, this request you’re asking for would fall under the #features category, a place where you can create feature requests. Your account right now doesn’t meet the required trust level to post in/under that category but it’s only temporary. The more active you are here on the forum, the sooner you’ll be able to post your feature requests.

Great idea and thanks for the understanding!



Yeah, I picked up on that 😅

Forums are relatively new for me atm, learning a lot now being in a place where its talk IF. It’s equally not work friendly lol.

Thank you for directing me in the right direction.


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