Pilot Replay Guide


First, access your replays from the main menu.

  1. Launch Infinite Flight
  2. Press on “Replays”

  1. Select the replay you wish to view
  2. Press “Replay”

  1. ATC Log with mute and auto scroll options. Pressing on an ATC command will fast forward to that spot.
  2. Mini Map
  3. Pause/Play replay
  4. Back 15 seconds
  5. Forward 15 seconds
  6. Replay timeline. Press on a spot to go directly to that spot.
  7. Take Screenshot (See screenshot setting in settings menu)
  8. Show/Hide the mini-map
  9. Change views
  10. App menu
  11. Press and Hold screen for 3 seconds to hide bar. Press and hold again to show bar.

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Thanks for the guide Chris! We can all agree that update is amazing.


Number 11 will help out sooo much for movie makers!


thanks a lot <3


Question for pilot replays… if one were to receive any warnings or reports, would that appear in the timeline in the same manner as it does on ATC replays?


Yes, there are markers for warnings, but I had no violations or anything else so I can’t tell for violations reports or ghost. ;-)
But it is high likely that they are also marked.

Air and Ground is in different gray so you can easily scrub to each landing in a T&G session. Well made feature!


This looks like a great option. And great update. One question - I was trying to look at a replay and while I was playing it back at least for the first two minutes the time looked to be current time rather than the time at which it was flown. Am I missing something about how to fix this? I want to see my takeoff how it looked at the time (if that makes sense). Thanks!


You can adjust the time during the replay just like you can mid-flight. This way if you want to change it to dark for screen shots you can.


Ahh … so if I have it set to “current time” the way I do when I fly will that show up as the current “current time” vs the time it was flown?


Is there any way to convert them to a video file for viewing on a PC?


Also, is there a way to speed up the replay in the app?


Only way to record it is with a 3rd party recorder. No at this time there is not a fast forward button. You can press on the timeline and go straight to that spot.


I have one question if an IFATC shares their replay with me , how do I play that … because whenever I click the file it says file not supported by the device. i have seen the instructions on how to import your replay file but that method doesn’t work in my phone.


You have to have Infinite Flight for the replay to play. Pressing on the file should open it in Infinite Flight. It is hard to troubleshoot every device out there because other applications could use the same file name.

Uninstall and Reinstall Infinite Flight on your phone and see if that helps. If not, start a thread in the #support category and we can see what we can do.

Question regarding replay system

I have e tried the above mentioned too but didn’t seem to work. So I found out my own method to replay it. I was thinking of sharing the idea with others…so if you would create a prospective thread then I could share it with others because the Norma given won’t work in Redmi phones . So If i share my method Redmi users can benefit from it.