Pilot repeating the same thing over and over again on the taxiway

Hi I was flying into Klax and everything was fine until I landed. When I was exiting the runway there was a jet parked at the gate then he started saying I’m using runaway 7R. over and over again and got annoying I believe he/she pushed the button 20 times in a row and that is unnecessary because the pilot was in the same spot for a long time. I have attached pictures for their call sign. I believe they were doing it on purpose. Thank you @Chris_S @appeals

@MJP_27, care to explain?


Was someone using the 24/25’s?

If so, my guess is that @MJP_27 was trying to inform the pilot that the 06/07’s were in use by sending traffic advisories.

I’d suggest PMing @MJP_27 as he could explain the best.

Let’s take this to a on as the purpose of threads are not to publicly bash people :)

Though I would also like to know the server this was on.


Also, it appears that there’s multiple people on the ground, if I recall correctly the send traffic advisories command doesn’t show who sent it? or does it?


Just had a stroke reading that. But I’m all for public bashing on the expert server mistakes lol. Also what took 40 mins to explain? Lol


Maybe it was their younger brother or a fish flopping around on the button that caused this. The list of possibilities are endless…