Pilot Rating, Daily Challenge and Achievement Badges

The Grade System is a cool way to gauge activity and experience over time, but I have three unoriginal suggestions to present that may add an extra interesting and fun dynamic to the simulator. I put them all into one request because they all relate to user accounts. Let me know if I need to break them up into separate requests.

1. Pilot Rating

Pilot Rating would be an indicator of the standard of a pilot’s professionalism while flying. There would be six different ratings. They are, from lowest to highest: E, D, C, B, A, and S.

You earn points for completing flights without incidents; however, you will lose points for doing things such as receiving violations (level 1, 2 or 3) or violation warnings (overspeed, taxi too fast, bank angle, etc.). Each violation or warning would have it’s own weight, the weight of each would be unknown to the users, wouldn’t want people to farm for points. Just fly and earn them as you go.

Example of the weight of each + and - point

The overall idea is all I have, how they’re weighted (the hard portion) I’m not sure. Maybe previous violations/warnings would depreciate making their weight less in your total over time, instead of the current linear cut or dry method that’s used for grades.

Example: You get a level 1 violation today, it’s worth -10 points. In 1 month it then is worth -7 points, 2 months -5 points, 6 months -2 points, 12 months 0 points. The user would never know this is happening though, they’d just see their overall total and they’d be gaining points on other flights so it may offset one mistake.

Level 2 could start off as -20 points and Level 3 -40 points, then maybe warnings could each have their own individual weight from -1 to -5 points. Then maybe a certain amount of + points every hour of flight without a violation.

These are all just examples of the idea I have, this portion is incredibly complex and not something I wanted to include because it may be a bit in the weeds to try to hash out each individual thing. Plus it probably should be not publicly known anyway.

At the end of each flight, the number of points earned and lost will be tallied up and reflected in your Pilot Rating. The more you fly without incidents the more points you earn that will go to your Pilot Rating.

All users start with a Pilot Rating of “B”. “D” or better is required to access the training server. “A” or better is required to access the expert server. Your Grade (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) would not factor into whether you can access a specific server, only your rating. Grade would just be something to shoot for, a “cool” thing to achieve and try to keep.

Pilot Rating wouldn’t be effected by activity like the Grade system, you’ll always have access if you’ve proven you earned it. Why penalize good behavior? It could make it more fun to work towards a certain rating and then try to keep it by continuing to fly professionally.


So I could for example be Grade 2 but have a S Pilot Rating so I’d still have access to expert because I’ve shown I know my stuff through my flying and I don’t disturb others with unprofessional behavior. I of course would prefer to have a higher Grade to show off, something to work towards, but my activity wouldn’t play a factor. More fun and motivating overall, less of a grind, more learning from mistakes with positive rewards.

It’d be fun if there was extra things to work towards daily or long-term as you reach milestones. A interesting way to keep pilots active and engaged.

2. Daily Challenges

Fun daily challenges that change every day, like for example, fly XX amount of hours in a single day. If you complete the day’s challenge you earn extra XP.

3. Achievement Badges

Achievements would be a way to mark certain milestones reached, such as the number of hours flown, days flown in a week, XP earned in a single flight, successful landings, consecutive smooth landings, and more. You could earn bonus XP and a Badge to add to your account for reaching each milestone.

Achievements Example

This is actually not a bad idea. I think this would be more engaging for the whole community. Especially with the daily challenges portion. I really like that. The Sunday ATC schedule does have that kind of “Daily Challenges” feel.

Got my Vote, wish we had challenges like first to fly around the globe, best landing in crosswind conditions, etc…

This would be a much better system. I bought my sub a month ago (and I only buy a sub when new stuff comes out), and I still am not Grade three. My sub expires in a few days. I think it would be a much better idea to have it based off this, so then I can show that I’m being realistic and get to ES faster.


It’d be more rewarding to show off and say “I’m a S rated pilot”. Promoting and rewarding good behavior. When someone says they’re Grade 5 I don’t immediately think they’re a good pilot, they’re just super active. Other things like Grade, Challenges and Milestones then all the community stuff like Leaderboards and Events could motivate someone to continue to be active.


This is nice idea 👍
I will free up a vote for this

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Not sure about that, the thought of having “your social credit score pilot rating is too low” as a reason of rejection for an IFATC application is worrying to me

“Your grade is too low to apply, you can’t access the expert server” or “your trust level is too low” are already things. What makes this different?

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Trio, what marvelous thinking you've got!

For sure I had to free up a vote for this masterpiece plan. I would love to see this in place of the current grading system we currently have.

I actually quite like this idea, definitely something that I personally would like to have in the sim. Voted 👍

Trust level on IFC is your forever when you get it, at least everything under TL3. Grade table is mostly about just flying and just happens to have a few stats to extend server vacations in case the person doesn’t understand the first time. If the person is outside of the reckless phase his maximum would just be overspeeds.

This is the single best feature request I’ve seen in a while, you have my vote.

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Several small problems I can see with the exact proposal:

  1. It would be fair to assume that flying on casual doesn’t affect the grades (78x is a concorde lol). In that light there is no way to get back on to training in your grade gets below D.
  2. It punishes people that don’t fly a lot and get a level 3 vio.
  3. Grade 3+ pilots need to start at A or training server will crash lol

Oh and please don’t start factoring things like hard landings, lights, etc. That’s not what expert server has been about and lights are sop dependant sometimes.

The point would be to practice in an environment without the possibility of receiving violations or warnings then you’d get back the D rating.

You could also make it so that you never lose on casual, only gain.


Great idea overall, especially with the pilot ratings!

Two things though, would your rating drop at all if you do an Airshow on Casual or something? Or would pilot ratings not go up or down on CS?

What if you’re on expert and you end up accidentally doing something that would drop your rating, but wouldn’t give you a violation. Would the pilot rating be based off things that would only give you a violation or a violation warning, or would it include other stuff like not using approach or departure procedures?

Like I said earlier, great idea and very well presented!

Yes, exactly that.

Overspeed is still a warning on casual though. I guess it could just not apply I don’t think it is really fair to stop a good pilot from flying mach 2 in a 78x on casual.

No, Casual would still be Casual funniness.

Just the normal warnings we’d receive now, maybe a few more could be added. I think the warnings would be weighted so it has a minimal effect but if you get enough then it would eventually drop you down if you rack up enough of them. So penalizing bad behavior but NOT like, you get 2 warnings and you’re dropped down from A to B or something crazy like that.

Definitely good idea :)