Pilot rankings

In live there’s grades so instead of that I think we should do stuff like, your new rank is first officer based on your flight hours,. Currently I would be a flight officer


Grade 1 = Student Pilot
Grade 2 = Flight Engineer
Grade 3 = First Officer
Grade 4 = Captain
Grade 5 = Senior Captain


I’d prefer…
Grade 1: Flight officer
Grade 2: First officer
Grade 3: Captain
Grade 4: senior Captain
But I like your idea your good

I’m fine with either way let’s make a poll

We used to have a similar thing on Live with standings. Basically, the higher your standing, the more aircraft and airports you could use.


I personally disagree with this. If this was implemented, it would become wayyy to easy to farm ranks.

Ranks are earned for experience. In real life, experience comes with landings, takeoffs, and other crucial learning. Not to mention pilots in the real world follow precise procedure. But in Infinite Flight, someone can put on autopilot and go do something else while their Cessna flys through Hawaii.


People are so obsessed with rankings. A Grade 3 pilot with a willingness to learn and who obeys instructions isn’t a worse pilot than a Grade 5 who believes they are the only one in the airspace.

Don’t get hung up on grades, and for sure don’t lose sleep over what they’re called.


Grade 1: im so pro that I only need the throttle
Grade 2: whoops, forgot the gear
Grade 3: The Nicotine is taking effect
Grade 4: Re-thinks life
Grade 5: Begins to persue dream to become a professional pilot in infinite flight.


I think that’s how it should go

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This is an excellent sounding request. Would add to that sought after realism in IF.

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This will make IF a little more like a game. Trying to get the highest rank or the name of a rank isn’t really the point of a simulator.


Grade 1 - Student pilot
Grade 2 - First Officer
Grade 3 - Senior First Officer
Grade 4 - Captain
Grade 5 - Senior captain and flight instructor


I thought it would just involve changing the names eg. Grade 1 to Student Pilot

Bit childish and unnecessary IMHO

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A bit more realistic, eh?

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I’m now a first officer I have 25 Flight hours

I think the grades are better, its straight forward and easy to understand.


Can someone give reasons for opinion for what I can get ideas to make this better

This is great idea… You can apply them in the real world to rank the pilot

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I would like this but grade has not reflected pilot skill if im honest. I’ve tested atleast 100 pilots in Qatar VA. Many grade 5 pilots fail. Grade 5 only mean they are able to avoid violations.

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