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Hello everyone,

Today I was just thinking it would be a good idea to create a pilot ranking table. It would be a ranking that considers everything from hours to landing to violations and then make a score out of it. I think it would make us all try to be better pilots in order to go up in the ranking.

I’ve heard of this idea before. Personally I’m not in favour of it as it might make some lower ranked pilots feel bad for being low, and then some will be legit tryhards just to move up. So either way, Your going to at least have some Sad People for being so low, and some tryhards landing inside you to raise their ratio and landing count.


Well you dont need to show all of them, maybe you can show the top 200 or 300. Like this the lower ones are not frustrated.

But then think about it. They’ll feel unincluded. And I’m sure there are enough Grade 4/5 to take up all the spots.

I sound like a Karen lol

Well then they should feel motivated to fly more and better. I dont see any bad in it.


But people that just joined wouldn’t feel sad though as they know that its their beginning… The longer you play, the higher and more experienced you are in the game.

@oscnogbal I like this idea!

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It would be an incentive to keep playing.

But then think about those who have been with IF for over a year. Some are still grade 3, like me. Would you like it if you have been working hard for a year and is still on Grade 3, while everyone else is on Grade 4/5 on the leaderboard celebrating their successes, while your just a nobody that nobody recognizes or even knows? So, I’m order to keep things kind, and keep everyone on the same level, this should not be implemented. Because if it is implemented, I see a spike of “How to be on Leaderboard”, “The Leaderboard is Unfair”, and “Why am I not on The Leaderboard?” Topics. You need to really think down on possible effects of it.

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Although it would be an incentive, remember, not everyone can afford Pro. This can also be a reason why people might feel left out.

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Then you should be thinking: I am going to improve to put myself in the board.

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Please if you are doing a feature request, wait until you are TL2.

As much as I agree with you, keep in mind that IF isn’t meant for you to tryhard and farm landings, etc. IF is a simulator, not a race to grade 4/5.

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IF isn’t made to be the “King of the hill” kind of game, where you need to try and be on top. IF is a game for AvGeeks to have fun and enjoy themselves. Not fight each other for that “Top Spot”


I am not going to get crazy. Obviously the people who is playing many years is going to be on top, not me. But it is a recognition for them.

Thats why they have specialized “tag” colours though…

G4 - green
G5 - yellowish orange

They already get recognized with Gold and Green Status for their names. I don’t see why they should be entitled to more while we just sit around watching their entitlement.

I just think it would be fun. If you take it as a competition then it is your problem. If you want to farm landings but you do it according ATC and respecting other traffics what is the problem?

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