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Okay, so im a private pilot and im wondering if i could fly a family member self employed to a meeting. Now this family member pays for all my flight costs so it wouldnt be plausible to split the cost. Now, before everyone says something about im looking for serious answers. I do know what the FAR/AIM says just wants some clarification

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well yeah. except a few differences

Mm… @Jdichter or @Heavydriver should be able to answer that question for you. They’re instructors in that department.

People, leave the responses to the professionals, please. Speculation is pointless on an issue like this.


thanks Josh. I wasnt too sure thats why i asked.

As long as you don’t make any profit off the flight and you stay within all the restrictions of your ppl you should be able to fly them. They also can pay you for gas and aircraft rental they just can’t pay you for flying them.


Of course, aircraft ratings, etc. But for the most part yes.

That’s all I’ll say, let the pro’s give you the full answer and specifics :)

You should be fine exercising the privileges of your certificate; however, I know you said that you know what the FAR/AIM says, I would just encourage that you fully understand it. There are a few thin lines that may be seen in different ways depending on who you ask. When I did this, I always fronted my half of the money and had a family member transfer the funds to me. That way I always paid the flight out of “my pocket”. This eliminated any double guessing. And because you are not being paid to fly the person from point A to point B, and you are not being compensated, it is legal.


well yah. like i said. they pay for the ALL my flight training costs

thanks. I figured it was. People do interpret things different and just wanted a better picture and understanding

You’ve come to the right place. A warning that I was given, that I will pass to you and like other have said in this post so far, is make sure you are not taking in information that could be false. If someone, says a statement or fact, you too need to make sure that you know where to find that information. This has further helped me become a more knowledgeable pilot.

Yep. I totally agree. Too many forum pilots. And thats why I theirs actual real world pilots that are more knowledgeable than me. so i can ask these questions and get the RIGHT answer


Even as an commercial Pilot you woudnt be able to let said family member pay for the entire flight. As a PVT pilot you may share the cost of rental and fuel but the entire bill may not be foot by a third party. Personally i know you’re trying to build time and all but i wouldnt be providing transportation of passengers until you at least get yojr instrument. There’s way too many things that can happen weather, fuel, etc to risk others lives at this point in your career.

Not questioning your abilities just passing along sage advice.


Thanks HD for the advice. I know your not questioning anything and know you get that im just building time but I didnt get a PPL just sit around and do patterns all day. I wanna go out and explore. I dont go unless its clear and a thousand and am always careful when i do take people but all my family enjoys it and wants me to be bale to enjoy flying


Here’s my humble advice. Instead of doing patterns start working on your next rating! Instrument rating is probably the most valuable rating you’ll ever attain besides your ATP. Oh… and leave the passengers for the rare clear day when you can fly to get the $100 handburger 😎


Disclosure: I am not PPL holder, but am a glider pilot.

Saying that a good friend of mine is a PPL and also has a share aim a PA-28 and about one a month we go off for a trip. To keep things legal we just split the costs of fuel down the middle. As he owns the aircraft I can’t share the rent, but I usually pay the landing fees where ever we go whilst he buys lunch!!

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Actually working on it ATM with my flight school. Not sure if you have heard of Henderson state university? But that’s one of my ultimate goals is to too get a 100 dollar hamburger on a cleat day

Yep sounds about right. I now about splitting costs and all. My only thing is that since this family member is my legal parent and he pays for all the rental fees

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You will need a instrument rating, I think.

Lol no you dont need an instrument rating to carry pax


As long as they are only paying for gas and operating expenses and you’re not being compensated yes.