Pilot Q&A all the answers to questions you've had, with a BA 777 Captain. [Very Revealing]

Well what I meant is that if you have the money (I think it’s about £45k) then it’s great. But there are other ways to get into aviation. He said joining a flying club, or cleaning the aircraft to get a free lesson. After all if you can pay £85k they are more likely to sponsor someone else for the scheme.

Hm, clearly that captain skipped over the fact that the most work that gets done is actually on the ground ;P you just need to decide do i enjoy talking about the football with my captain / copilot or do i enjoy flying properly in single engines in my spare time. Making course corrections are literally just the spin of a knob. Lets not deny this captain has a duty as a british airways captain to represent his airline in the best light possible. I know dozens of pilots of course they enjoy their job but 90% don’t say its because of the flying.
Heres the most common response: “I enjoy working for BA (Emirates, Easyjet) because I enjoy meeting interesting people”. If thats a job you are interested in by all means do it. But don’t be under any illusions you have great views and good pay but the flying is not flying.

This is probably the most misleading Q and A I’ve ever seen I’d love to see someone actually explain the other side of this argument.

Don’t think CAE and CTC are the only flight schools around. That would be disastrous for your wallet.

If you can speak french and have the right to work and live in France, ENAC is made for you. Free and prestigious. You will train on modern aircrafts and get an ATR type rating (if you want to).

If you don’t speak french, there are a ton of flight schools in Spain. (@Aernout).

And if you don’t want to go to Spain, check cadet programs and northern Europe flight schools.

CTC is the most prestigious though.

CTC Certainly one if the largest and offer plenty of different courses and ways to become a Proffessional pilot.

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Wouldn’t say so. From my friend’s experience, CTC is just a pilot factory, they really don’t care if you get a job after your course. I went to their open days, it was horrible, basically a factory.

ENAC is the only school that is linked to ICAO, IATA, ACI, EASA and FAA. It is also the only flight school in Europe that meets ISO quality standards and to be ISO:9001 certified.
I’m not even talking about the fact that ENAC has been around since 1936 and has partnerships with most major european, asian and middle east airlines.
With this school, you get a frozen ATPL along with over 250 hours of flight experience for free. 80% of graduates are able to get hired by a major airlines by the end of their course, the other 20% find their first job within a year.

The selectiveness of this school is seen as a quality insurance by airlines.

NOTE: they also have their own airport and their own fleet (TB10, DA40-42, TB20, TBM900, PC12 and two ATRs) in France so they don’t have to send you to Arizona to get trained.

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free doesn’t mean its good. CTC is incredibly rigorous in regards to its selection process. 99% of the graduating pilots get placed by CTC in airlines.

Yes understand that if you fail the CTC course they refund the amount you paid, minus accom fee and an admin fee , so they do a lot of testing to ensure that they choose candidates who are going to pass.

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exactly so saying it is a: [quote=“Axel_Beder, post:28, topic:34500”]
pilot factory
might be true… yes a pilot for successful pilots ;) not a pilot factory for pilots who lose their ratings because they can’t find a job fast enough.

Obviously. But in this case, it does. But if you want to spend 150k bucks on your training, go ahead. As I said above, there are over 1500 appliers.
Work on your numbers, between 2004 and 2015, only 84% of their graduates have found a job.

Indeed, if you fail the course, they will refund you. But if you finish the course and don’t find a job, there will be no one to refund you.

I’ve already chosen my path. And I’m very happy with it.

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These are my numbers. I was wrong by 1%.

This is from their Roadshow.

I personally don’t advise you to get an MPL. It’s specific to your airline. If something happens to your airline, you won’t find another job. No airline will touch you.
Plus MPL-rated pilots are often the ones who have to go when cutbacks happen. I don’t know this course very much, I won’t make a 5 minute research and pretend I know something. Just stating facts right there.


Put it this way, if you are an BA FPP cadet you don’t get £50,000 salary, more like a little over £20,000 with a £90,000 loan to pay back… Type rating is provided free and BA do pay you £1,000 pm over 5 years to cover the training fees… BA use CAEOAA, CTC and FTE as there schools. I’m happy to answer questions about the FPP if you want the answers


Sorry can we go back to what this guy just said? 85K for a PPL?!? Where did you get that figure? And what are you training in a diamond encrusted jet?

PPL are usually £10,000-13000.

And as Axel said, I wasn’t really drawn in too much by the MPL, There’s a much larger risk factor involved, although a job with the airline you’re doing the multi crew with is likely to endure you a job, it’s not 100%. If something goes wrong, you haven’t got a universal liscness Unlike the ATPL.

The FPP is good if you’ve got the grades.

This is the skills plus program, and CTC have only recently taken this on. OAA have had this system for years.

In addition, your deposit is lost plus other outstanding fess, and this is only if the criteria are actually met.

I would totally steer clear of the MPL, although it is mainly centered around Multi crew, these pilots only have about 90 flying hours before they fly in the A319/20 for the first time!!! The risk is an MPL is only useful to a specific airline such as EasyJet, until 1500hrs when you can obtain an ATPL, the airline can do what they want with you really, and if you don’t get the 1500hrs, you have no licence and can’t go anywhere else, so you’ve paid £90,000+ and have nothing to show for it… Schools like OAA/CTC/FTE all have connections with airlines like Ryanair EasyJet Norwegian Flybe etc and have good opportunities for graduates… The FPP is the cheapest and best way to become a pilot but as mentioned before, it is difficult to get onto


Don’t forget my french flight school. Free courses all the way!

No one wants to have to learn French ;)

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