Pilot pulls off “textbook” emergency landing on Minnesota highway

Impressive piloting by Bellanca Viking pilot Craig Gifford after he experienced what appeared to be an engine failure. Although very few details have been released, the tape speaks for itself.

He threads through the light posts along the highway and lands between two cars right in the middle of the road. He did hit the car in front of him but luckily no one was injured. This is an emergency landing done right!


Wow, he came in hot, lol. Definitely a solid landing, though. Props to him. Glad no one was injured as well!

Crazy story. Saw this on the news a few mins ago. Props to the pilot!

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He’s gonna need it with that engine failure 😂

Professional pilot work right there 👍


the pilot after landing: image


We had one of these instances not too long ago at Purdue. It was an experimental aircraft experiencing engine issues. The pilot thought they could make it to the field but the winds were a bit too strong and pushed him just shy of the field. Everything ended up okay though!


This is how it be in Minnesota 😂

Always interesting seeing these things when they happen so close to home.

I heard about this, lots of spotters in the area went out to have a look.


Imagine the drivers face when he realises that he got nudged by a plane


He came in really hot.

Props to the pilot!

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Would you rather crash into a building and kill multiple people or land on a road to try and make as small amount of injuries as possible?

I think a field would be the best option. Also I doubt they would deliberately head for a building.

But my point is that there aren’t many fields in the middle of a big city.

The use of the word “nudged” makes me chuckle.
Just a slight ding :)

Props to the pilot, though, even if his real ones aren’t working anymore.

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Wow, someone who can merge correctly 😂

Still a better driver then most people in California. And he was in a plane.




@GreenFire does have a point

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That meme was an accurate representation of people in California…

@MaksimFerguson I’d argue it’s scenario based. At night there isn’t much traffic (which he can see from the lights) and he can land somewhere well lit, easily accessible to emergency vehicles, and with a smoothly paved road. Of course he wouldn’t land on the highway during Friday afternoon rush hour, but his decision to land on the highway was reasonable and commendable considering the circumstances.


Imagine just driving home from a long day at work and a freaking plane lands in front of you.

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