Pilot or ATC?

Probably one of the hardest aviation questions:

Which job would you like better to have? Why?
  • Pilot
  • Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

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I had to choose between both recently, and for me there are pros and cons for both. In the end I chose ATC due to better working times, more family time and less stress. Of course it also depends whether you are a center or a tower ATC.
Being a pilot on the other hand allows you to actually fly which is something most of the people want to do when being interested in aviation. The views and cultural experiences are also a pro in my opinion.
I’d recommend trying to get a feel for both first (as I read you’re thinking about what to become). For example towers sometimes offer visiting opportunities so you can get to know what being an ATC would be like.


I would have to go with Pilot because I think it’s only IF that makes ATC fun lol

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I think this can be a difficult question. For me as much as I love to fly or would love to fly, my career choice always had ATC in the crosshairs. Although I never did it and I don’t know why, this is what I would have chosen.

I have a friend who is a pilot for Alaska and I once asked him if he’d ever consider ATC and the answer was yes. But at the same time, he also loves to be a pilot.

At the end of the day, I think this really depends on you and what you are most passionate about. Definitely do some thinking and I’m sure no matter what you choose you will enjoy, it will be the right decision for you, and you’ll be successful.


First, love anything about flying Second, ATC are a more difficult job than flying, which makes the focus high . Any mistake will cause a disaster. As for flying, it is a very beautiful thing, regardless of the tiring working hours of flying, including the lack of rest and sleep, and your normal life will fluctuate, but it is fun as you travel to a new country every day and get to know each other. Find new things and do the thing you love, which is flying, so flying is better.


First, ATC is great and you get more family time, breaks, less stress.

But I feel like I would want to be a pilot, you meet new people every single day, new flight crew, new co-Pilot, new planes, lol. I just see a lot of pilots on YouTube like Swayne Martin and how he loves his job a lot and that motivates me in wanting to be a pilot like my idol. I also have my family supporting me and some friends asking me, what do want to do when you are older? I say “An airline pilot”. I’m worried if they will laugh but they say, “I can definitely see you doing that!” So it seems like becoming a pilot is a career for me.

My first ever flight was on the good old MD-80 to DFW. And I have loved flying since.

I also plan on applying for a flight school soon and get my lessons started. I can’t wait to see what my future holds for me!


I choose Pilot because, for me there isn’t more beautiful proof of the human intelligence and hard work: take off with an 60 Tons A320 , from an runway and fly over the landscapes in the sky is truly my passion.

In the future, i would like to fly the A320Neo for Lufthansa!

Have a nice day,

See you in IF sky!

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Good luck with your flight school! You’ll do great!

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All my life I wanted to be a pilot but then I went with my dad on some of his trips and I can’t do the late night delays and being stuck somewhere so then I started to look at ATC because I still wanted to work in the industry and I think it’s safe to say that this is what I’m meant to do. I’m currently in college to become a controller and it is an absolute blast!


Glad to hear your having a great time! You’ll perform great!

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Thank you there’s a lot of information but it’s just like a giant puzzle

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