Pilot_Nidhal’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello and welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread!

Status: CLOSED

Server: Training

Airport: N/A

Frequencies: Tower, Ground

Time: N/A

Notams: N/A

Don’t forget to give me your feedback! :)

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I had hoped to come to KATL and not be on a trip to Washington.

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Ok, I will come :)


Some feedback from B-LSM:

Ground is ok,


  1. No need to extend downwind,
  2. Clearance is too late
  3. Exit the RW is too early

This is my feedback, hope you enjoy your day 😉

I told you to extend downwind bc u turned crosswind than downwind in less than 7 seconds so I Didn’t want you turn bass too early! :)

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You said turn base so I was following your instructions

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what I mean is, You told me

so what I’m saying is I did that bc I didn’t want you to turn too early :)

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RCTP Is open :D!

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Feedback from JY-TGS:
Wonderful job! I didn’t have much time before you had to go, but you did well in everything. The only problem i experienced was that after the transition, you cleared me to do right traffic runway 05R when you should’ve said: "JY-TGS, enter right downwind runway 05R, number 2, cleared to do right traffic runway 05R, traffic to follow is on right downwind runway 05R. Great job, keep up the good work!

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Thank you for joining and feedback!!

I’ll work on it!

Have a nice day :D

LFOT is open :D!

KFLL is Open :D

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