Pilot Logbook for Solo

It would be great to have a pilot logbook for solo. This would allow us to track our offline flying progress (ie: hours ,etc) , help us better understand what areas we need to improve on and also provide a “resume” for those who want to join a VA or apply for a position to instruct/mentor other IF pilots:

Some data that could be included are:

-Total hours

  1. Total jet hours (jet airliners & fighter jets)
  2. Total turboprop hours (Dash 8 & C-130)
  3. Total GA hours (everything else)

-Total Day hours (Flying that occurs during Sunrise, Noon or Sunset time settings)

-Total Night hours

-Total # of Landings (Touch and Go’s count as a landing. Only touchdowns that occur on a runway surface count. If possible, it would be great to not count a landing that results in the aircraft running off the end of the runway as this is an unsafe landing: insufficient stopping distance, a go-around should have been initiated.)

-Total # of Takeoffs (A successful takeoff is an event that results in the aircraft getting airborne before departing the runway surface).

  • Total # of ILS approaches

  • Total # of Visual approaches (Non ILS approaches: Many approaches in IF have a GPS generated glide slope. For this metric, these would be considered visual approaches along with traditional visual approaches that use PAPI/VASI lights or no lights at all).

-Total # of Crashes

-Total # of Flights (A takeoff to a landing = 1 flight)

  • Average landing force (measured in G’s): This will give us an idea if on average, our landings are safe
    (1 G or less) or hard/unsafe.
  1. Best Landing (Lowest # of G’s)
  2. Hardest/Most unsafe Landing (Highest # of G’s)

Feel free to comment, thanks.

This looks great! Might remove a vote for this

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I thought we already had this implemented… I know I have looked back at my first ever flight in IF on an A380 or somethin…


It requires you to get airborne without getting off the runway? Uhhh I don’t that works

This would be extremely hard to accomplish, not worth the time IMHO. Everything else seems fine to me, a good idea.


During your takeoff roll, your wheels would have to be off the ground (aircraft airborne) before reaching the end of the runway (if wheels touch terrain off the runway = running off the runway). Make sense?

Ohhhh, “before departing the runway surface” meant “before getting wheels off the runway” to me 😅. Understandable :)

I’ve only seen this type of feature for Live. If you’ve seen something like this that tracks solo progress please enlighten us!

Yeh just realised it’s not there, swear I had seen it somewhere

Understandable. For the ILS & Visual Approach metrics, 1 approach = flying a given approach to touchdown on that runway.

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May have been a feature back in the day. I know some stuff’s changed. I’ve been using IF since the very beginning and remember us having missions and a space shuttle. Those features are unfortunately gone.


That makes sense, but how would one measure this? I guess the best way would be if within 15° heading, below 4000AGL, and then a successful landing. The papi/vasi part the really tough bit to add

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Very good point. There would have to be some parameters like heading & glideslope limits factored in order to accurately document a given type of approach in your log book. For example you must be within glideslope limits (glideslope arrow isnt flashing) and +/- 10 degrees of runway heading.

For the visual approaches with the lights the logic would be same as GPS assisted approaches: all non ILS approaches = visual approaches.

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Well IF isn’t centered around mainly VA’s therefore creating this just to have a resume is not a good thing.

These are just some of my ideas for metrics I thought might help us. If you guys have any additional ideas for good metrics to include / don’t think some of these metrics would be worth the coding trouble, feel free to comment and elaborate.

. The purpose of this is to be a pilot’s logbook first and foremost where we can track our flying progress and improve our flying. I purposefully placed the VA / resume points last. These are added bonuses in my opinion but certainly not the main purpose for the pilot logbook.

There are many GA pilots in real life and they all have logbooks. Many of these pilots only fly privately and are not documenting their hours in order to write a resume for a flying job.

We already have a logbook with some of the features mentioned (logbook shows day/night hours, aircraft type, departure/arrival airports and date), yet in the current release it isn’t too accessible - it’s inside the Live user page.

We’ve changed this for the “global” update and it should be a lot more visible for our Solo pilots. It’s been touched up a tad to make it nicer to read, too.

(adding to this - if I recall correctly, you can sign into Live without purchasing a subscription, then click on your name in the top right in the “fly live” page and you’ll see the logbook option on the left… confusing, I know :)


Awesome, thanks alot. Yeah I wasn’t sure if the Live logbook was recording solo data but now I know.
Looking forward to seeing the new logbook once Global is released!

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Yeah I’m pretty sure you can access the logbook through the Live menu, which also displays solo flights as Cam said above.

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Why would this be for solo and not live?