Pilot Killed In Plane Crash (NW Wales)

A pilot is killed at Caernarfon Airport in a ‘Light Aircraft’. The Aircraft is unknown at this point is unknown. As we get more information I will edit this post…

North Wales Police was called to Caernarfon Airport at 18:29 BST on Wednesday after the plane crashed and burst into flames on the runway.
The pilot was pronounced dead at the scene and an investigation has begun.
Ch Insp Sharon McCairn said: “A cordon is in place around the site and we are urging the public to remain clear of the area.”
The force is in touch with the Air Accident Investigation Branch.IMG_2331
One eyewitness told BBC Wales: "The plane was coming down far too quickly.

All credits go to British Broadcasting Corporation.


Overweight and fast decent, gear collapse, tank ruptures and plane bursts into flames. Thats my best guess.

May he rest peacefully


Although this is a terrible terrible thing that happened I don’t think the IFC is the appropriate place for it.



Would have to agree.

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Oh no! I’ve been to Caernarfon before!