Pilot Joystick/yoke for ios

can anyone please help me? im looking for a budget joystick/yoke i would love to connect to my ipad, i would appreciate if you have that joystick, to let me know if it works well and doesnt cause lag?

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I have the logitech extreme 3D pro. It is cheap and works really well, and it also has built in rudder. I got it on Logitechg.com. Unfortunately, with joysticks, if you want to brake, it automatically uses the parking brakes.

But if you are using an Apple device, you need a computer to connect the joystick. I use Apple myself, and it is quite annoying to open up the computer, plug in the joystick, make sure everything is connected, Etc.

I tried playing infinite flight with a Xbox Control and worked

if i may ask, how do you reverse thrust with the xbox control… as i can only go to 0% not -100%

I don’t know but I did it anyway

Can confirm you’ll need a computer. Tried connecting my extreme 3d pro up to my ipad, using the USB-C/HDMI/USB-A to USB-C adapter and it didn’t see it

Although I believe it you hook up an xbox controller via Bluetooth it may work

Here is a video, 😎

nevermind, my xbox controller isnt compatible with the game, itll connect to my ipad but wont work in the game as its not original xbox controller

You should probably buy a new control

Also with a computer joystick, the connection can fail sometimes and you can crash.

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