Pilot_Josh ATC Tracking Thread | [CLOSED] @KPHL | Attention all Training Server Pilots!

Hello pilots, my name is Josh Diehl, I am a grade 3 pilot with 2,000 controller operations. Training server can be hard sometimes because of the inexerienced pilots/controllers. I am here to help the training server community. I am a real world pilot, and I am also working to become IFATC! I wanted to let you guys know, for a realistic experience I will be controlling my homecity airport, KPHL. My controlling times will be posted below. I encourage you to go ahaed and put KPHL on your flight plan if you are intrested in realistic pilot/controller communications. Please feel free to criticize my Controlling down below! This is not an invitation for uneligable pilots.

Keep in mind someone may be active ATC at the time of my scheduled times

Pilot_Josh’s Next Operation at KPHL

Current Operation:

Near Future Operation: To be determined


Best of Luck to you in the Expert World! I hope to come see you on TS1 Control someday :)

Pain in The Bot Jack


This looks like something that should be made into a ATC tracking thread :)


Make a thread in #live:atc and follow the format everyone else uses. Hope to see you open soon!

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Man, you are a livesaver. I have to get over 300 landings and I only have 120 till I am back to grade 3. Realism is what I go for and I can’t wait to gain knowledge and experience from you. PM me if you ever want to fly with me and I gladly will. Thanks man!

p.s. you are a student pilot just like me! Cool!

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Yeah man! Come on over to the Philadelphia region and do some pattern work at KPHL! Also bringing it to the real world, I live in West Chester, PA…Your more then welcome to backseat one of my training sessions!

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Well, I do flight lessons out at KLGB and KSNA so it would be a fortune to fly over to Philly but if SW ever has good deals to KPHL out of KDAL I definitely will think about it!

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Do you mind if I send you some feedback here when I am done? I can PM it too if you wish.

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Yes sir, I’m always open for criticism, whatever will make me better I will take! Just let me know who you are flying as

Hey man, are you still open?

I would like to state; That’s the best ATC I have experienced on Training Server. Let me know when you available again.


I will be back open at KPHL at 0100Z-0200Z

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Right now? Hopefully it is now

Hi Josh,

Here is your feedback:
Overall it was good, I’ll give it a solid 7.5/10.

There are some things to improve on:
Overall, just be quicker on the commands. This should be something that just comes overtime as you find your way around the ATC menu, it’s nothing too bad, especially at the very beginning when six or seven pilots came out. I personally prefer to slow down a tad and request well in front of the runway to roll through when no pilots are nearby.

On the takeoff, I am not sure why I was cleared for immediate takeoff when no aircraft were waiting behind me and no aircraft were in the pattern except for one on downwind.

In the pattern, first of all I’m sorry I kept forgetting to report posisiton when downwind, brain fart. But when I did remember I was told after landing, right traffic. This is not required unless I switch runways because you told me on takeoff to make right traffic. You did this both times.

On landing, I was already cleared for option but I reported full stop just to let you know. I was expecting a ‘roger’ but I don’t believe I saw that, however IF goofed up and switched me to a random frequency, so sorry you had to on guard me then, I could’ve missed the roger because of that. I think you did the right thing and cleared me for the option again and I reminded you I was done.

After landing I was given exit runway right away, I contacted ground, requested taxi, and it took a couple of seconds, when crossing the runways I again, requested early so I could just roll across the runway, however, one time I had to stop because the confirmation took a few seconds.

Well that’s about it. Your controlling was very good, there are just a few small details to iron out, but besides that it was very nice and I enjoied flying a couple of patterns, if you continue to open at the same time every day I would be more than happy to come out often to give you pointers.


  • Work on faster commands
  • Work on after touch right traffic commands

Besides that you are pretty good and thanks for the controlling keep up the good work! If you have further questions shoot me a PM :)

  • Kevin Potthast

Thanks for the feed back sir! Yes I know the commands are delayed a bit, but thats just a lag issue with IF.

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Then I’ll give you an 8.5/10 😉


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