Pilot initiated emergency go around on short final. Pudong Airport

Great flight just finished with an emergency go around at Pudong after an aircraft taxied onto the runway when I was 2kt from touch down. By the time I registered it wasn’t a dream I was on top of the pilot. Not sure about their decision making. I was cleared to land and then during a quick controller change we were all on Unicom for 60 secs or so. I still announced I was on final at 4 kts out. Anyway this was my second Only go around and this one was the real (sim) deal ! 😊 hope you enjoy the action! Thanks to ATC today. Safe flying peeps.

Details ZBAA - ZSPD Expert Server-777ER TAAG- flight time 2hrs 45mins plus go around.


How do you get to 2kt before touchdown? I think you mean 2 nm


you can always go around


I hope you landed safely!

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Haha good one


Btw those are nice photographs

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they are!

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I was seeing red over white and white over red, I forgot what the saying is but nothing was looking right.


Good ol’ Expert without ATC.

Nice pics. Anyways, always love the excitement of a go-around!

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You know what I mean 😊

All good ATC were great quick no nonsense approach vectors done in ten. Cheers

Thanks I did. It was windy there yesterday 25 kts cross winds but all good!

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