Pilot in XCUB bleeding?

I was just flying in the XCUB and was looking around the cockpit when I noticed the pilot is bleeding?

Incase people haven’t seen or noticed:

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What happened and why is he bleeding??


He probably smashed his head on the yoke because of your landing. Sorry I was trying to be funny.


I didn’t think my landing was that bad 😂😅

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Looks like the lighting

Well I recommend that he sit down, lean forward, and firmly pinch he soft part of his nose…

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Bad landing got him a nose replacement maybe? I don’t know 😂

It’s just the lighting nothing else or maybe the shading that’s about it nothing to worry about 👍🏽

It looks more like he got into a fight before going flying. 😂

Maybe try switching the graphic setting and see if it’s still there. That might resolve the “blood” 😂

He didn’t butter the landing that’s why

He announced on ATC that he „buttered“ and „greased“ the landing. They then waited for him at the stand.


I think we are getting a little off topic with the “bad landing” conversation on this topic in my opinion. Let’s wait for an actual answer of why the pilot has this. 😉

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Pilot must’ve had a hard landing, maybe hit his head on the plane during some turbulence, dry weather conditions, and the list of possibilities goes on.

My landings on the other hand are nothing but pure, top grade grease. Hope yours are too! 😜