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I have heard a few people here are pilots. I am legally blind in my right eye ( can only see 10cm ) from birth and some idiot threw a handball in my left eye causing a retinal detachment. Can i still be a pilot ? I see flashing lights and floaters constantly


Unfortunately, you need perfect 20/20 vision to be a pilot.

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If you have retinal detachment, I recommend seeing an Eye doctor for immediate eye surgery. Retinal Detachment can cause permanent damage unless dealt with early on.

I myself am blind in one eye legally, and was able to fly a Cessna 172 with an instructor. And it was at night too. I have glasses.

Again, if you recently got hit in the eye and saw lots of floaters and started to see black spots, do not delay, and see an eye specialist RIGHT AWAY!


20/20 vision with glasses :)


I know. But if he’s legally blind in one eye, glasses can’t fix that 😬


I had eye surgery. They but siloicone around my eye ball to hold it in place. I always see flashing lights and I need to sleep with the light on

They won’t help

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I recommend looking up stuff on google for a better insite about it it will tell you in more detail 😊

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I had emergency surgery

According to the messages above you cant.Im so sorry mate😭😭😭


Like @DiamondGaming4 said, u need 20/20 vision and if u r legally blind then unfortunately that’s not possible my friend.

There are still tons of occupations in the aerospace industry 😉

So sorry that your condition limits u to things u would love to do


Okay, just making sure. It’s not only for you though, it’s for Everyone on here.
I worry about that stuff.

There should be a way though. try checking online or seeing AOPA or something like that.

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Well they said I have lots of disruption ( constant flashing lights floaters ) but I have 20/20 vision. They said after surgery I would be short sited but it’s no known how I am not

You probably can’t be a pilot but you can still learn to be one just in case there is a cure in the future :)

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There is a possibility but my other eye can’t be fixed

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Oh you definitely can’t be a pilot then, but the learning part is still up for grabs

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Thanks for the help people

Don’t let it stop you there’s new technology every year mate 👍🏻 @Qatari2007YT


Thanks for the support

Uh, can people be pilots WITH glasses?