Pilot Go Around Call

This thread isn’t to tell you what ‘going around’ is for as you should already know how to use it properly and there are threads already.

Instead I just want pilots to know that both a controller and pilots can call a go around! If a controller/pilot on the ground has made a mistake and someone is sitting on the runway for example, don’t just land anyway even if the controller doesn’t say go around.

State you are go around yourself as the pilot BEFORE the conflict occurs! Then follow the go around procedure of the given airport.

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Ps it won’t let me change it to tutorial as I accidentaly put it in general. Gives every option bar the one I want haha

Do not say go around to tell us that you are making a big circle over the airport :joy:


or better yet,dont tell us that you are going around and still continue to make a landing??? :unamused:


“Generally, if the pilot-in-command (or the pilot flying) determines by the time the aircraft is at the decision height (for a precision approach) or missed approach point (for a non-precision approach), that the runway or its environment is not in sight, or that a safe landing cannot be accomplished for any reason, the landing approach must be discontinued (go-around) and the missed approach procedure must be initiated immediately. It is also common for pilots to practice a missed approach as part of initial or recurrent instrument training. In such cases, a pilot may execute multiple instrument approaches in a row, with missed approaches between them.” (Wiki)
Missed Approch Procedures can be found on the Aairport Terminal Guidance Plate. Generally a Missed Approch is straight out to 1500’ AGL, turn 90* remaining out of the Critical Zone going around at or just above pattern alt. and re entering the pattern.
"correct me where wrong pls… Max Sends


Are you allowed to abort and divert on missed approach if you don’t want to enter go around?

@SkyHawk . The Pilot in Command Commands! (There are no comm menu commands for Abort or divert on the present menus I believe). Max Sends
An IF ATC Should jump in on this. Max Sends


My bad I enter petted the question incorrectly. If you choose to do a go around however due to unimaginable circumstances you want to execute missed approach I would notify ATC clearly in the following order:
going around (x)
correction, stand-by
executing missed approach, (x)

@Maxmustang Pilot can click “Announce missed approach” controller would hear “exuctuting missed approach” so then controller tell him to " Go Around turn right/left… specify runway to land.


Does Execute missed approach mean that you have missed the entire approach and are re-e teering pattern?

Yes, you re enter either left or right downwind however you exit on downwind and climb to a missed approach altitude(pilots personnel choice) and fly out for a certain distance and then enter into the runway heading and execute the approach.

Note: contact approach when executing missed approach

Do you think that tower and approach should be done by same person? Otherwise pattern work transferring between the two could cause confusion.

Yes. And follow traffic pattern to the runway you are assigned. In real world either they can come straight back to runway. If it busy you’ll be in missed approach holding point until, you can come back.

Unless the two people understand ATC very well or have a system that they both use when carrying out ATC then yes I would take approach and tower together!

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In real life after missed approach you will be back with approach. In infinite flight if airport busy tower should transfer him to approach. If one available. Common sense

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@GatwickGuy… Your absolutely right Farid. I was in a hurry on my last response to JGK. “Missed Approch” was the correct procedure & Call for this situation. The Topic was “Going Around” and I did’t Segway. I’ll fix it now that I have time… Thanks for the correction. Regards Max

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Directly copied from Wikipedia. At least credit it and put it in quotes rather than giving the appearance it is your own comment.

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@JGK00 @SkyHawk… I was quick in my response. So let’s use the Senario presented: Your inbound on a Precision Approch (ILS),… ATC Clears you 3/5 miles out… Stuff happens, yr unstable, over speed, threshold is blocked, recv an ATC Call that confuses you etc… You should not proceed with the approch… 1step, Save yourself and your pax’s by any means possible, don’t worry about ATC there watching every thing! Real Towers have full crews, Tower Controllers routinely have “spotters” who provide heads up), initiate a Missed Approch (down load a Terminal Approch Plate for any airport, in the lower right corner you’ll see an Approch Diagram, The Missed Procedure, usually in Red will be shown & stated)… Get out of town… Clean up, pull up clear the critical zone, Call ATC announce. “Missed”… IF controllers routinely give you guidance here… You now have 2 choices, recover at the airports by following the full inbound comm procedure for a cleanance and recovering as directed by ATC. if you choose not to land Proceed to an alternate or continue on your Flight Plan. Request a Freq Change and go about your biz. Additional Com’s will be required if Approch/Departure or Center are operating. Bottom line this is not/Not a Go Around. Misha layed that out in the opener. Windy comment, yes, helpful I hope so. Max Sends

Touché, windy but helpful!

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