Pilot Generated Holds

Hello community:

I don’t do #features request that often but I thought this would be a good one. As we all know, ATC is the only one that can issue holds to pilots… Well, I went flying in the real world to practice holds at my local airport and then came back to the sim to practice what I learned. I used the same intersection in IF as we did in real life and the same holing procedure. Without myself being able to give a hold like ATC can, I had to use a combination of Foreflight and my computer timer to make the holds as round as I can…

What am I proposing? IF users can make a hold at any intersection just like ATC can…

This is a great feature request, especially if you are overweight on approach, (for whatever reason) and need to fuel dump or just burn fuel. I would vote, but I don’t have any left :(


Thank you! My holds look sloppy on there because I had to do it all manually and didn’t have a perfect oval like when ATC gives you one.

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So in this your saying instead of ATC directing you to an airport nearby to hold, the pilot can just hold right there until the airport is able to take them in?


Yes it would be perfect to have an option when you clicked on a waypoint on your map like ‘enter holding pattern, left/right turns’, or a hold present position option

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Oh never mind I got it now.

This would be used if the airport was uncontrolled only.


I would love to see this feature make it to Infinite Flight! Could be useful for so many different things!

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Thanks. I think so too.

And I saw that lol

Liveflight connect has a feature that will allow you to enter an automatic holding pattern, L or R and what distance you want(2nm,5nm etc).

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Yes but some people don’t use that… Thats not exactly ideal when it comes to practicing holds for the RW

I don’t see why not, it’s free and I use it a lot for holding patterns and it’s perfectly rounded turns.

Wait, is this for the computer app?

Time and effort to set up… I dont want to be setting up my hold on the computer when I can in game

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What he is asking for is for this to be implemented into the app

No. It’s a request so pilots (without ATC) can setup holds in game

I know, I didn’t know this feature was on LiveFlight Connect

I understand. I’m saying that there are third party software that perfectly assist your holding pattern needs. Literally just a click of a button that says " HOLD " and the software will turn the aircraft for you.

I’m well aware of that beautiful piece of art called LiveFlight… Trust me 😉

The point of this topic is to get it added in IF


Just because there’s a 3rd party application that does the job for now, doesn’t mean we can’t have it in the app some day :)

Move on now.