Pilot gender in cockpit IF

I just realized how all of the pilot models in the cockpit are female, while to co-pilot is always female. I find this a little weird as I can’t find a way to change it. Don’t get me wrong, I support both genders. Is there a way to change it? I want your thoughts.

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I’ve noticed that the co pilots are mostly male. And no, there is not a way to change this arrangement.


Damn, that’s sad.

This is to encourage all kinds of people, equally the skin colour or gender to consider a career in aviation. Also some characters represent developers too.

For me that’s a really nice gesture!


Make a feature request for it!

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We have gotten a little bit of word on this matter. I wouldn’t be too hopeful for you to see this anytime soon.

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Try the x-cub! 😉

I agree that this is probably the 549th thing in order of importance.

Doesn’t really effect the sim in anyway. I just find it’s creepy How they sit there looking straight forward

From the images we have so far she moved to the right seat. Or maybe the pilots changed altogether…
I wonder why you want it to change, it’s like the last thing I think about when flying.


Cool looking glasses as always

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The problem is a vast majority of pilots in today’s day and age are male and we need to change this to promote gender equality. Therefore, there are many cockpits with women models as a way for IF to say that they support the cause of gender equality. I personally think this is quite good to be honest.

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The captain is female and co pilot is a man. I thought the same for changing but it’s not possible.

I just think that people should have a choice on who they want in their cockpit,

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I agree
To clarify I am all about gender equality but I don’t like the fact that the genders of the pilots are predetermined.

MaxSez: I’m a chauvinist pig. But I’ve learned over time “We are All Pink on the inside”. It’s not PC, Equality or Diversity it’s the human condition!

(Appears This Topic Author and a few others have an agenda!)


Our developer/co founder Laura, herself is a pilot as well. There is nothing wrong with the pilot being female

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No there isn’t but I would like that decision to be up to the user

I dont really think its such a big deal tbh

While I agree that this really is not that big of a deal in the big picture, I can se how it may be nice to have to option to change the gender in each seat. As I am a male, I may want the male IF pilot in the left seat as it would more accurately simulate me being the captain on that particular flight. Females I’m sure think differently. While I think I understand what this post is trying to get at, I don’t know if it is really all that necessary…

I honestly am of the opinion that it doesn’t matter. But I wished they would remove pilots though. It affects the performance and they could avoid diversity issues if they just got rid of them. :/

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