Pilot frequency channel

Would been awesome to have the possibility to communicate with other Aircrafts, for example when doing Group Flight or Escorted Flights…
It could have some phrases like :
I follow you
Descenting to xx feet
Will enter xx to runway xx
Heading to Airport xx

Stuff like that, it doesnt has to be a chat…just basic communication…
and a feature to copy the Flightplan from a Pilot…please

What you guys think?

  • Good Idea
  • Better not

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Best idea i have heard today…it could also include request to copy FPL speed and altitude

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When I’m doing a group flight I’m doing it with someone who I contact via community PM or Slack.


So do i…
but not everybody is in a group…maybe want to do spontaneous, or meeting over the forum…it would be just a little, but nice feature…and if you using just one device it gets difficult to talk

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Would be a nightmare to make them switch to my frequency…

Strongly disagree, no realism IMO

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I thought some kind of pilot-to-pilot comm system was in work, but I have not heard anything about it for a really long time. This type of feature is something that is really high on my wish list.

Nice idea, this would defiantly increase the realism of formation flights! Very realistic IMO :P but it will absolutely be misused if not done right.


I agree. We need a second radio for things like this (and even to monitor tower during taxi, etc).


This has already been asked for