Pilot forgets to put down flaps until mid-takeoff run

I have just stumbled upon this video on YouTube - and to say the least I’m baffled! There were cases of commercial airliners crashing because the pilots forgot to put down the flaps for takeoff, An example being Spanair flight 5022, where pilots simply forgot to put the flaps down even when given multiple chances to do so… This case could have ended in disaster.

A pilot was aboard this flight, who commented this under the uploaded video:


My son posted this video, and we were on board this aircraft as passenger goin on holiday! I am an airline captain flying 747s on worldwide ops so I do know a little about flying. I actually ran to the cockpit when we started to line op on rwy 36R in AMS.The take off config was goin off and could be heard till the flaps reached flaps 5. The flight was a Air Explore, a Slovakian wet lease to TUI Netherlands. During flight I asked to speak to the captain and he refused. I left a letter that I would inform the authorities in the Netherlands and file an ASR. Captain did not take action at all. I contacted the flight safety officer of TUI and send the vid to them. The captain in question never filed a report or a mention in the techlog. TUI NL filed the ASR and reviewed the wet lease. The captain of this flight was fired and wet lease terminated after the season. Aviation is littered with cowboy cavelier accidents which easily could have happened. Read the spanair MD80 JK5022, no flap takeoff. see how that went. The captain in charge was neglecting his operating procedures using Checklist and on top did not abort! A take off config warning is an abort, Get of the runway, check the problem, Rectify, and take off again or back to gate. Small example what if the flaps came out asymmetric? One smoking hole in AMS. Personally I never crapped my pants in a plane but this moment was a close one. All pilots should work towards an environment where mistakes like this don’t happen or get picked up with checklists. On a separate note, there are jet aircraft which take off with out flaps or don’t have leading edge devices. Example Fokker 70

The link to the video:
Please share your thoughts and opinions, and it would be nice getting different views of real-world pilots on this matter.


I bet…did he have a go at landing as well?

This is the guy who calls up OFCOM to complain about a TV program…

Evaluation - Interesting video, I’m sure there is a perfectly plausible explanation…loser recording.


Someone was ignoring the checklist. Captain should have been fired, even if he was not PIC. The Captain is in charge of oversight on the aircraft, much like a sea captain. There is no excuse for this. As the comment mentioned a possible worst case scenario of asymmetrical flap setting which would be catastrophic. No place for pilots like those keeping their job. License gone.Main reason is a neglect for safety, which should always be an automatic removal from duty.


Well, I would do the same if I saw this happening. What else should I do? Sit there and wait patiently for the disaster to happen? I know pilots are trained to fly the airplanes, but I’d much rather take a fine than do nothing (in this scenario at least).

Also, the 737 doesn’t have a “NO FLAP T/O” configuration, which would be even more alarming in this case.

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TS1 is real folks… evidence above :).


Is there any chance that it’s an automatic function? Or part of a process?

I would assume no because there is a siren in the cockpit to alert the pilot to put the flaps down manually. From what I’m aware, the autopilot cannot put an aeroplane’s flaps to a set position.

The flaps are supposed to be manually put into the takeoff position, by the First Officer, normally right after engine start, but sometimes this is delayed due to ice or snow, or even ramp congestion. In either case, most operators’ procedures call for two checks of flap position, once when they are actually moved, and again during a pre-takeoff confirmation of critical settings.


That’s wierd, I wonder why the pilots forgot to put some flaps down.

So we’re looking at a 7 month old video we probably have all seen why? Flaps got down and they took off. A small error by captain but nothing went wrong.

He didn’t forget, setting flaps is always on the checklist, just depends on the company to determine if it gets set on taxi or before taxi. This guy ignored the checklist

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Yikes. Getting fired is no joke, a lot of pilots are supporting themselves and families, and a sudden halt of income is never a good thing. However, the pilot should be re-evaluated. To be fair though, it may have just been a minor oversight on the checklist, even though it could’ve had major consequences. Every pilot should take this as an opportunity to remember your checklists. They’re important.

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No. Not a small error.

It’s an error that could have killed everyone on board.

Please refer to Spanair 5022, and the error couldn’t have been “small” if the pilot was fired…!


Then flaps were put down just 2 seconds after the engines throttled up. And as I said again we have probably all seen this video in the past 7 months. Move along

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This goes against the FAA regulations… if you have a siren in the cockpit you ABORT the takeoff! Did the PIC abort the takeoff in this video? No!

Also, the video has 67,000 views. That’s a very small view count. Most of us, actually, wouldn’t have seen it.

Must have been, let’s just say a little bit odd as a passenger

I’ll say one last time, the flaps were down before anything coul’ve happened. Not even a second after throttle up, the flaps were put down.

That doesn’t matter!

The plane was on the take-off roll, regardless of how many seconds into the takeoff-roll the aircraft was. The pilot should have immediately abandoned the takeoff, roll out of the runway and fix this issue before continuing to proceed with the flight.

He’s probalbly fired and looking for a job.

I’m not sure if you noticed but it is a Russian plane. No more said, I’ll let you figure it our yourself.

From what I know, the pilot would have gotten a configuration warning on the inunciator panel stating that he/she needs to immediately taxi back to the gate to check for inunciator complications.

sorry I had to…