Pilot fires rocket near town

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - An A-10C Thunderbolt II on a training mission accidentally fired a rocket near Tucson early Thursday, Sept. 5.

Davis-Monthan said the rocket, a M-156, hit an uninhabited and remote area near Mount Graham. D-M said it happened in the Jackal Military Operations Area, which is located approximately 60 miles northeast of Tucson.

There were no injuries, damages or fires from the launch.

The incident, which happened around 10:40 a.m., is under investigation.

The A-10C Thunderbolt II was assigned to the 354th Fighter Squadron from the 355th Wing

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Just imagine driving and then all of a sudden a military grade rocket comes soaring through the air. The world’s a weird place.


Might I ask why the landing gear has fire coming out of it in that picture? 🤔

Cause the A-10 is one hot machine…

I think it’s actually a flair

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Oh, ya, it is, just looked it up, you learn something new everyday…

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I thought you can get banned for spawn camping.

It’s a flair.

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Yep, @RotorGuy pointed that out… ☝🏻


Oops sorry, didn’t see that.

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All good… 😁

That could have ended badly

Well, the positive is that everyone is safe.

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That pilot got court marshaled

@Gm2kmike20 source?

It was a joke

Even we can’t fire our rockets in IF. It must be very different feeling for pilots and citizens.

Maybe one day

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Not a good idea in my opinion, casual would just be full of smoke

This is America. Don’t catch you slippin’ up. Don’t catch you slippin’ up.

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