Pilot_Felix’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello! It’s me, Felix. I’m not really planning to be an IFATC member as I have a lot going on, and it seems quite stressful. However, I’ll open up a tracking thread because it seems less stressful and quite fun to improve on your ATC skills. I’m not that good, which is why I’m looking to improve. Feel free to come when I’m open! (I’m not planning to be open for at least a day or 2).

Things that I suck at that I think you should be aware of:
A lot

All feedback is appreciated! Feel free to bash me with suggestions.

Where: VHHX
Winds: Unavailable
Takeoff Runway(s): 13
Landing Runway(s): 13
Notes: Checkerboard Approach at Kai Tak!



Frequencies: # N/A

Wont be able to reply while controlling, on one device.


Well good luck and you’ll learn a lot of new things! I have from mine, but I decided, like you, against applying for IFATC at the moment! I’ll try and join a session if I can.

Hey @Pilot_Felix! I can assure you IFATC isn’t nearly as stressful as it seems. Other than the initial scheduling with a trainer, there are very few stressors. The controlling activity requirements only require you be active once every 30 days at the least, so if you’re having a busy month, there’s very little obligation to control!
I will agree, certain airports do get stressful to control. However, being that we are volunteer based, you are more than welcome to control one of the less busy airports featured that day! Feeling up for a challenge? Take a major hub airport! Looking to relax a little bit and deal with only a little traffic? Take the smaller class Charlie airport featured for that day. It’s really a lot more flexible than you’d think. We’d love to have you!
Let me know if you have any questions 😁

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Opening up for the first time! Im not too good but ill try my best haha.

Closing soon

Planning on opening soon for 45 mins or so.

Open at KORD!

Question @Zhopkins how do i tell someone that their gear isnt down

That is not a message for ATC to send to pilot that I know of. The best you can do is hope they realize it or tell them to go around.

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Yeah i was hoping you would realize, sorry about that.

It’s fine. I understand.

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Im really sorry @Andy350 I tried my best but Velocity wouldnt listen.

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No problem, you did the best with what you could in the TS against the troll

  • In the beginning, when I requested for taxi to 28L, you actually should have given me a ‘pushback approved.’ I was in an A318, an aircraft that has pushback capabilities. The stand I was at also didn’t allow for me to taxi out of it.

    • However, if I was in a general aviation aircraft, what you sent me today would the correct command as general aviation aircraft do not have pushback capabilities.
  • You did extremely well with pattern entries. No problems there. Good job on telling me to make left traffic 28L since I was remaining in the pattern.

  • On my runway change to 4R, you sequenced me as number 1. If you wanted me to be behind Velocity, you would give me “number 2, traffic to follow on final.” I had to turn my base a bit early because of that.

    • However, because I am doing patterns this is not much of an issue. In busier airspaces, that might not have worked as someone might be lined up on the runway, ready for departure.
    • Since you sequenced me in front of him, a nice re sequence for Velocity would be good. "Number 2, traffic (me) to follow on left downwind, left base, or on final, depending on where I am when you send the command.
  • Late clearance for the option after runway chance to 4R. Ideally, you would clear them aircraft when they are in the downwind. I also did not get a ‘make left/right traffic’ command with this clearance for the option. This is needed as I was doing a runway change and pilots need to know if they are making left or right traffic after their option on a different runway from what they departed on.

    • I think you caught this as on my second pattern for 4R, you cleared me for the option and to make right traffic. Nice job.
  • Runway exit at the end was late for me. Although you might have been occupied with Velocity not following instructions, you should ignore that since this is in the TS and you are bound to have trolls. 60-80 GS is the acceptable range to give runway exits.

  • Nice job on the departure for 28R. I can see that you still need to work on transitions. The way to figure out the transition altitude is:

Airport Elevation + Jet Pattern Altitude + 1,000ft (IFR Aircraft Seperation)

  • Since KORD has an elevation of 671ft, your transition altitude would be: 3171ft.
    • Sadly, in IF, you can only give transition altitudes in increments of 500 feet. So, to play it safe, you round it up to the next 500. The adjusted transition altitude that you would send to aircraft is 3500ft.

You have the fundamentals down. With some more practice, you can nail these small things down easily. I highly suggest you join IFATC, it is not as stressful as many might think. Please message me if you have any more questions, be it about this session or about joining IFATC :)

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Thanks a lot Andy! Yes, I was a little late on some commands as im still finding my way around on where everything is haha! I tried my best with the troll. Also, thanks for that good explanation of what a transition is! This comment really helped me. I was a little early, I should’ve sent you behind velocity since he was going way too fast. Again, thanks for the amazing feedback! Ill definitely be able to improve!

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Open at KORD. Only open for 35 mins or so feel free to stop by!

Now open at KPWK (Chicago executive)

Closing i guess. No traffic rip

Opening up again. GA Only!

Sorry @Fung_Sum-sum forgot you were a bigger aircraft

No problem Felix:)

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