Pilot Fatigue - Emirates Crash

What rules should airlines have to follow so they dont overwork airline pilots as it is the most likely cause for the mistake from the crew on the Emirates flight. A few months ago many Emirates Pilots said they were overworked.

Please talk about anything related to the Emirates Crash Landing at the post about the crash.

The Gulf has looser rules surrounding pilot hours. There is a theory circulating that the pilot monitoring selected GEAR UP as a muscle memory action and didn’t wait for the POSITIVE CLIMB callout, therefore there was no landing gear to support the aircraft when it began to sink.

I am sorry to say that most people in the Arab world countries work a lot and extra hours. There are many reasons behind that. Most likely not the airline fault but its pilots fault who want to work extra hours. I lived there for long time and I know how life style is there.

EK’s pilots do not actually work for that much more than other pilots around the world, it’s nowhere close to the work cultures you describe.

To be honest, I contacted some friends who live there and that is what they commented.

Do they work as a pilot? I know that people in other industries regularly pull 3000 hour years, EK pilots get nowhere close to those working non-flying jobs. EK pilots are capped at 1000 hours annually, which is still quite high for pilots, but nothing like the insane hours that others work.

They don’t work as a pilots. But that is what they know. Well, regarding this specific crash B777, I think we should wait till investigators find the cause of the crash. There could be other reasons and Investigators know better.

Sorry mate but this is far from the truth. I can only speak on the behalf of Qatar as I know a couple of guys who fly for them. Pilots are over worked. No pilot wants to jeopardize peoples and their lives for flight hours.

Same is true for Asia. Look at tiger air for example. 3 weeks on 3 weeks off. That’s brutal.

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Pilot fatigue is a huge issue in the aviation industry. Especially in the US they have strict duty times

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