Pilot Falls Asleep, Overshoots Airport

So I guess it doesn’t just happen on Infinite Flight. A Piper PA 31 pilot fell asleep and overshot the airport by 30 miles.


Could you change the “runway” to “airport” in your title because it is a little misleading

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Done. Thank you.

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Very interesting story I must say. I remember the times in IF when I’d do a long haul, but I wouldn’t wake up in time, and I’d end up overshooting the destination airport by almost 100 nm. I wonder what will happen to the pilot.


does this happen everday… Nope. Do i believe its sufficant enough to be on the forum nope. this isnt a news outlet its an infinite flight forum. we can easily google this and im sure most people have heard of this

There is a lot of news brought up in the #real-world-aviation channel. Does it belong on the IFC? Personally, I think yes. It’s a good way to get a discussion going about something happening in the real world. It also gives people exposure to the real world, not just a game.


This could have been catastrophic

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There was a case a few years ago when a Northwest aircraft flew past a number of waypoints and had a large deviation. Am not sure if it was due to the crew having a little power nap or they were watching Netflix on the flight deck!

EDT found link to news article Northwest Airlines Pilots Miss Airport by 150 Miles - ABC News

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Mistakes do happen. Dear pilots let’s be careful out there.

Hey my friend told me about that too! Big mistake falling asleep, especially both pilots…wow it was ward to read.

Happens more often than you think! Pushing flight crew to ever further limits of operational duty leads to fatigue.

Fatigue is NOT tiredness it is a long slow accumulation of lack of sleep within the normal circadian rhythm of the body.

This is something ALL operators need to address not just the little ones. Pilots are expensive on the balance sheet and whilst the actual ‘logged’ air time may well be restricted the duty time to achieve that airborne time can be catastrophically long.

The more often this gets in the press the more weight the pilots associations will have to combat it.

AIMHO of course.


Who was flying the aircraft… Mr Bean?

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well air-con makes people sleeps (but i think they need some coffee to make them awake)

A little harsh don’t you think? Have you ever flown a twin in real life?

Unless you match the engines perfectly, and I mean perfectly, then you get a cross cockpit stereo interference drone.

This noise can be extremely soporific! Plus you don’t know the pilots previous work schedule. He/She may have been do a run of work outside the normal day/night rhythm and have messed up their sleep patterns.

That’s exactly what the investigation will look at. Not incompetence which seems to be what you’re alluding to.