Pilot etiquette

I was in line at KSEA ready for departure on the expert and I notice the pilots ahead of me weren’t really maintaining a safe distance between each other and were crossing the hold short line.

The question is, should ATC be monitoring this and report as necessary?

Ive seen many debates on the realism side of infinite flight in terms of receiving ghosting reports. I was just curious if you believe this should be disciplined.

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If IFATC deems that the pilots are trolling, I imagine a ghost would be made. They aren’t constantly monitoring it but they would notice if someone is taxiing through others. If there is just unsatisfactory separation but not harming anyone, I think IFATC will just let it slide.

You see, I was ghosted for this once. If they are really far across, IFATC will ghost very quickly. However, if it is nominal, I imagine it might slide.

Was ATC active at the time? And also a lot of pilots do this, we can’t help it ourselves, but most likely the controller wasnt able to notice due to the amount of traffic in the surrounding area. If they were fully on the runway then that’s a different and they would be ghosted. This is more just ‘being a pain’ than ‘being a report’ as much as I despise that 😂

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That just brings me to my last part of that. Many people argue that expert server is reserved for utmost realism. In saying that should they be more harsh on the little things? If this is supposedly a reflection of realism in terms of pilot etiquette I believe it should be enforced more. Then again, more work for a controller i guess🤷🏾‍♂️

I agree, however, even in the real-world, there is still a slight bit of leniency.

Yes the ATC was active, and that is a valid point. Traffic was prett heavy.

Also, I’m a believer in the fact that ghosts should be given out sparingly. I received one for a very small offense which ended up having a massive affect.


Ghosts are given out sparingly, they are always the last resort. While the aircraft in picture 1 did cross the hold short line, it was just barely. Yes it is a runway incursion but in this case would not warrant a ghost. Now if that aircraft decided to enter the runway completely and an aircraft was on short final, it would be a different story. In picture 2 yes the pilot is close to you but they again it isn’t ghost able, if they were to taxi through you that would be an instant ghost. We can only be so realistic in Infinite Flight, it doesn’t make sense to punish someone for what you have shown but you can rest assured that we are monitoring what everyone is doing.

Could there be something put in place like strikes that may be better placed instead of a ghost?

That’s not for me to decide but the current system works well for keeping the trouble makers away. I guess you could say we have a strike system currently with use being able to tell pilots to check help pages and follow instructions or ghost.

I guess there is actually a thing here: The atc is probably focused on managing traffic on the map, and on the map you can’t tell if two planes are actually too close or if someone is over the hold short line. Also judging where the hold short line in different views can throw you off.

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You can tell if two planes are too close on the map, but it is much harder to judge if a plane is past the hold short line barely when the session is busy and some planes are not visible, just the tags.

I mean aircraft type still matters… Maybe really experienced ATCs can do it

Receiving a ghost is a huge deal. While I’ve never received one myself, if you look at the stats page, even one ghost can incredibly hurt your chances for playing on the advanced server. If ATC gave a ghost for every little thing, the expert server would not be as much fun as everyone’s stats could be ruined in the blink of an eye. I like the way the system is now.

PIC and ATC are suppose to work together…busy airport or not…a hold bar is a hold bar for a REASON…one of the two…ie…pilot OR ATC .should have caught this. BEFORE anything happens…for the safety of ALL


It is very hard to tell as a controller that a pilot is going to cross the hold short bar before it happens. As for the pilots, it could either be getting on the breaks too late or just inexperience with holding short. If a plane is barely past the hold short line it isn’t that big of a deal. It would be in real life for sure. Having the tip of the nose jutting past the hold short bar isn’t jeopardizing the safety of anyone in Infinite Flight.

Be aware of all surroundings…ATC and PILOTS…collectively…that should alleviate some stress…one incursion on either part…ie…ATC or the PILOT has a cascade effect on operations

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And again

I had someone try to fly by me at 25r bout 25 minutes ago lol. Going 30 down taxi way and 20 around turns. Still went first lol.

Pilot etiquette: fly at right altitude. I can’t believe it’s this hard. Lol

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