Pilot errors deserve a violation flag


Maybe someone with enough “credibility” may help me to post this suggestion in the features section.

For category 4 and 5 pilots, and to add realism I propose to include major flight mistakes as violations or at least as experience subtractors in proportion to their seriousness. Many of them are certainly more relevant than the famous 250 knots overspeed.

First and most important, a crash should be the most serious violation. Also, taking off without proper flap configuration, extending flaps, or lowering / not retracting landing gear above airplane speed limits or landing above acceptable vertical speed, or running off the runway.

These are pilot mistakes that are seriously penalized in real world while in IF simulations nothing happens, except maybe with fewer experience points for a crash. As a matter of fact, in a pro simulator training / test, these are enough reasons for license cancellation.

This would dramatically enhance realism without major software development needed.

These my thoughts as a retired Falcon 20 pilot and IF fan.


Well, I reported someone no long ago. He went off the runway. (Example)

Pilot mistakes are enforced with violations. This includes flying in a bad way

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not everyone is in the IFC to know when to check for these things in the Community Tutorials section.


Very appropriate decision. Now imagine these failures with automatic sanction as part of IF features.

Very true, that’s why I propose it for upper categories.

So you should get a violation for not configuring your flaps to the proper position?

Bit harsh don’t you this mate? We all make mistakes; we all are human! 🤷‍♂️


This is a simulator! 👏👏👏

Not the real world; we have young players here who frankly just like aviation not all the procedures that go with it.


By enforced you mean by ATC? I would suggest to make them automatic. It is quite easy in a simulator to identify such situations and generate the violation flag upfront, same as with overspeed case.

Agreed, this just makes me less motivated to go on the ES when I’m still trying to build confidence

It really isn’t. There are countless variables to look out for.


I agree with @barbadian. We don’t know if someone is flying with with the Landing Gear

I Do not think its appropriate to have a full server for these stuff, and we all make mistakes. Not to mention we do have younger audience who would not know about these stuff, and some work very hard to get to grade 4, old or young, go on the “server” without any knowledge of major aviation and go to grade 1.

Well… we have the 35 ground overspeed

Well, this will make the categories more meaningful, no flags when in training server or below cat 4.

For an automatic penalty for crashes, this could present some issues.

The biggest concern would be if a pilot crashes into a mountain due to controller vectors. While this is extremely rare, mistakes do happen, and if a pilot crashes due to a controller’s vector, it could negatively affect the pilot when in actuality, they were just following instructions


So where are people suppose to go who want great ATC but no strict repercussions like you propose?

Overall… I don’t think that is a good idea. If you think that ot should be penalized, just move to another simulator. :)

Just like @Captain_Cign Said, its a simulator. You may go for realism if you desire but not everyone will.

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This will cause alot of problems and will negatively impact the way people see IF

Judging by your profile you are a retired pilot. That’s great good for you but most people here are just professional couch potatoes and just play for fun! 😊