Pilot Error stories

I remember I was taking off from Amsterdam Schipol international Airport , on the runway I realized my plane was not accelirating as it use to. I was thinking it might be strong winds, as I took off my plane took a sharp turn right while I was fighting to keep it stable until I lost all control with my plane turning sharply right crashing outside the airfield . I realized after my crash that I never had my one engine running while I was in such a rush to take off as I was behind schedule.

What is you’re Pilot Error stories and what happend.


Mine was one like that also. I was in an MD-11 and only had 2 of the 3 engines running. I ended up being able to pull to the side start it up and takeoff again.

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Thank you appreciate it but would like to hear updated stories to see what new pilots and older pilots experience but thank you for letting me know😊😊

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Please continue in What is your “Uh oh” moment? it is an active conversation for the same topic.