Pilot Error or Lack of Knowledge?

Spoilers on takeoff, never tried this but don’t think it would work. So is this pilot error or lack of knowledge? Either way, I thought it was funny.😂


Maybe he was testing them and forgot to lower them.

Haha😂😂😂😂, he tookoff ok, but did seem a bit slow getting in the air.

Lets hope it isn’t IRL stuff also.

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I remember seeing @Melker16 doing the same :D

And I get frustrated when I forget to turn on the strobe and landing lights before takeoff. Realizing mid-flight you’re with spoilers in flight would be something to rage about.

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Yep, I actually was to caught up in this situation that I forgot to turn on my strobes and realized rift before landing and was mad. Only then to land without spoilers.😂

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