Pilot Error or Game Issue?

Today, I started a long haul flight. JAL from Osaka to LAX. I was climbing to 42,000 ft. At 28000 feet, I turned to M0.85 at 1200VS and then my plane bobbed up and down, I mean a LOT! Then, I couldn’t get my plane under control and I crashed with 6 vios. Now I’m Grade 1 from grade 3. If just like to see if this was a problem with the game or a pilot error.

I have 65% Load and 15 Hr of Fuel.

The issue I see here is that you are climbing to FL410 right after take off. Try something much lower, as your aircraft is likely to be too heavy for that altitude right away. Another tip is to step-climb, but you don’t start that until later in the flight.


Climb first to FL 200, then after some time climb to FL 350, then to your desired altitude

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Good Idea, I just learned something new!


If you use simbrief.com for your flight planning not only will it give you the flight plan, fuel to use and speed to fly at and initial flight level, but also it tells you when to step climb and too what levels.

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