PILOT ERROR. ILS Calibration Reguired “FHAW”

MaxSez: System failed to Turnin/Lineup correctly on the Localized at FHAW (Ascention Is. in the SAtlantic.) 3 failed attempts utilizing AutoLand.
GoogleDocRpt no joy. Pls pass to usual suspects. Regards


Wow Max didn’t expect you to use AutoLand. Real pilots don’t use AutoLand… :/


Don’t they use it for bad visibility?

Real pilots use the Glideslope and LOC indicators on the HUD to land. (During low vis)

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Notice to airmen, runway 13 ILS out of service. Report has been received. Will be fixed when possible.


@dush19 MaxSez:

“Low Vis” is the key. Flying a tri-Holer with all the bells and whistles. High winds and misty. Real Pilots utilized good judgement and make wise decisions my old friend. Remember there are old Pilots and Bold Pilots then there’s dush19… Regards G’day


Hey Max,

Runway 31 or 13? I’ll try to replicate it and see what comes up.

Max, It’ll be fixed, have a good day!

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MaxSez: WAIT…!!! My Error, There ain’t no ILS for Ascention.rways. I flew that first leg from Africa goin west at ODark30. Just pushed AutoLand and it kicked in running a GPS Program. Half 💤… . Think I was wheels up too! Feel back asleep… I’m so ashamed, 🙈! Pilot Error Oh, My…


Hey Max, no one is perfect. Go take a nap, I’m going to sneak one in now too. Cheers Devil Dog