Pilot_David19's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello and welcome to the @Pilot_David19’s ATC Tracking Thread , i’m here to improve my skills to eventually join to IFATC.Have an eye to this topic to do a session! A Feedback after the session is appreciate.



Tower & Ground


Open right now at LFBO!

I’ll stop by!

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Hey there, I was N458WU!

Here’s my feedback:

  • My first request, the transition, was late.
  • On my first clearance for the option, you never told me to make left or right traffic.

I thought overall you did a great job. You just made a few mistakes. Good luck becoming IFATC, an hope to see you around! :)

Don’t judge my landings… I was landing heavy lol

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Alright thanks for the feedback!

Haha lol

I’ll stop by!

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You did good!

  • You gave me a exit runway command at 85 knots. Exit runway commands should me given in between 80-40 knots
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Thanks for the feedback!

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LFBO Closed.
Alright, thanks to @Bryan4558 and @MJP_27 for did a session and pretty positive feedbacks! See you the next time!


Open at LFBO! Come and do some patterns!

LFBO Closed.

You can tag me when you’re open, sometimes I’ll be available 😃

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Open at LFBO @IF787 ;)

Are you still open?

@Davide_Av please can you change your title to Pilot_David19’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A 😊

Hello! I closed the ATC just before you sent me the message.sorry for not changing the title immediately!

LFBO Open, Practical tomorrow, @IF787 @DeccyB ;)

I’m actually controlling rn 😃
I can come later today maybe?

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No problem, my session take about 1 hour

LFBO Closed