Pilot_Dave’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I am 37nm away

Weird, Ill just wait for you

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It says only unicom
(Got it fixed, for some reason I was on expert, idk)

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Im not there yet;)

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-Nice transition @3000ft
-good right downwind when I announced inbound
-exit runway was perfect

Thank you guys, for joining. Ill close it now and open it later or tomorrow;)

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Thanks once again that you really took your time for me

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No problem! I needed some pattern practice anyway, always nice when you have ATC 🙂

Opening Munich

Berlin Tegel is Open, to those who want to join, feel free

I will stop by just gimme a moment

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I’ll join for 10 mins

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Could you maybe do some runway changes and stuff like this

Watch this takeoff

Congratulations on having passed your ritten !

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So guys, do you have any feedback


  • Remember that whenever you clear an aircraft for the option, they are allowed to do a landing, touch and go, stop and go or low approach.

  • Don’t know why you replied to my runway chaneg with “Unable”, because you could’ve gave me a straight in pattern entry, and cleared me.

  • Remember I announced I was inbound for landing, so I must be cleared to land, not cleared for the option.

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Thanks for the Feedback.

  • I was thinking to give you straight in but you were quite close to the RWY so I issued a unable.
  • Thanks will take it into account for next time.

Thank you for participating. Hope seeiny you next time

My pattern work was correct or not? @Henry

It was good! Forgot to mention this, but try not to clear as early as possible, try and wait unti they’ve crossed the runway threshold