Pilot_Dave’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello Guys,
I just passed the written test for IFATC, from now on Ill need to do some training to get really into it. Yeah, if you want to join it would be really nice. I’ll post when and where.



Just opened Toulouse Blagnac, join if you want

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Coming in a bit

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Thanks for you service you can clear earlier, no need to wait till downwind:)


@DS2001 sorry I accidently pressed thr wrong button

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Ohhh np! Didn’t know haha

thanks for that, Ill take it into account for next time;)

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How long are you planning on opening for?

I really don’t know, you are planning to come? When? If yes I can stay longer

I’m on my way to Barcelona so I will be another 40 mins however if you are open when I land I will happily join

Sure I can stay longer

Thanks for your LFBO service today!
-Nice ground control, and good early notification to JAT9017 about not being cleared to enter runway 32L.
-Its alright to clear earlier, from crosswind to early downwind is good, but clear whenever you feel comfortable.
-You handled my runway request perfectly, good job.
-Good correction about giving me “after the option” with a runway change.
-Aim to give an exit runway command @60-70knts, although doing it at 40 was fine as there was no aircraft on short final
Overall, you had good control over airspace, and you did well!

Thanks @IF787,

  • I didn’t know what this guy was trying to do, he requested RWY Crossing and then started his takeoff.
  • Yeah I will do this next time, thanks for the reminder.
  • Yeah sorry for that, I was on the menu for the command but then you braked too hard and went from 90kts to 40kts in like 1 second, still thank you for that, Ill take it with me for next time.

Overall thank you for coming, I really appreciate it.

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Yeah… I might’ve forgotten to set spoilers at armed before landing and remembered then… 😂

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I’m going to come around again, but this time entering airspace from elsewhere, to test different commands

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I’m sorry but I won’t be able to attend today but if you are open another day I will stop by for sure:)

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Alright then, see you next time

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How long will you need?

5 minutes, you can see me to the southwest in an A359

Okay, I don’t see you yet