Pilot Controlled Lighting

As some of you pilots may know, maybe a few of your local airports offer controlled runway lightings. So today I would like to propose a new feature that would provide a new level of realism!

So, at a local airport (ICAO: KCMA)…the airport allows you to control airport lighting at night (when it’s not being controlled). I find this very interesting and extremely helpful when doing night landings!!

As far as what servers this will be implemented in, I Recommend only expert.

  **Here’s why**
  • (Hopefully) Pilots in the expert server who use this wouldn’t abuse this system, because they what to preserve a high level of realism
  • It would help these “more” serious pilots enjoy easier night landings at (commonly) nontowered airports!

What is pilot controlled lighting?
Everything you’ll need to know is located in this website below


  • I know this is a bit far fetched of a request, as there are much more features people would enjoy rather than this.
  • this, I’m assuming, would be a complex feature to add into the sim, which again, with the time they would need to spend on this…they could spend on making 3D buildings or something
  • I for one do not expect this feature to be added into the game anytime soon, I thought it would be a cool little thing to be added to the game!

If you don’t want to read the article, here’s a picture that should give you an insight of what it is


Thanks so much for taking your time to read this! I’d love to hear any feedback from anyone!!

Fly safe!😀✈️

Great Request! Like you said before, this should be for only Expert server. I completely agree. But unfortunately even on Expert server there are unprofessional and immature pilots that will 100% abuse this. Especially if there is Unicom. I like the request, but this could be easily asking for issues and abuse. Just my opinion though.


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I completely understand, ya there are still a handful of unprofessional pilots who would more than likely abuse this system. But, that’s another point I should’ve made… you should only be able to change the light settings once every like 5 mins or so. I know this won’t prevent all misuse. But it will sure keep it reasonably contained! Thanks for your feedback! 😀👍

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I like the idea. I’ve seen it used in multiple airports before. However, like what Matt said, it can be abused easily even though it is in Expert. I would love to see a similar idea to this added into the game. Just maybe set a requirement for example Grade 4 and above? Since it takes a longer time to achieve the Grade and not get flooded by Grade 3 who likes to abuse.

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I LOVE This idea it would be soooo helpful especially if you are like me and love to land in the night time