Pilot Controlled Lighting (ARCAL)

Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting

It would be really neat if Infinite Flight incorporated ARCAL lighting to airports in the sim. ARCAL is a pilot controlled lighting system that allows pilots to control the lighting of an airport. Typically featured at non-towered airports, or at airports where the tower closes, the pilot is able to click their microphone 5 or 7 times to activate the lights, which remain on for approximately 15 minutes, to help the pilot land at night.

This would be a neat feature, especially for student pilots such as myself, to reinforce proper techniques. While doing my night rating, my instructor always instilled in me to turn the runway lights on while approaching the airport, but to also key the mic again on final approach to ensure the runway lights are remain on, incase the 15 minute limit resets while on short final. It would be cool to incorporate this procedure into the sim.

There are 2 types of ARCAL systems: Type J and Type K

Type J: Activated by keying the mic 5 times within 5 seconds

Type K: Activated by keying the mic 7 times within 5 seconds. Type K is different because you can adjust the intensity of lighting from low, medium, to high, by keying the mix 3,5, or 7 times respectively.

The way I see this feature working is by keying a microphone button on the ATC menu while tuned to unicom and possibly a little confirmation message in text screen. Likewise, I can also see this feature expanded to ATC, where they can have the ability to turn runway lights on/off manually and when the airport is non towered, ARCAL would take into effect.

Please note, the ARCAL frequency in my demo photo does not match the Unicom frequency in the sim. I used the Tower/ARCAL frequency for YOO from the Canada Flight Supplement.

Not bad! I agree with this! You have my support. But, I’m out of votes!

My Dad used to fly Cessna’s and he used to do this!


IMO it would be a very bad idea to put this on the ATC menu unless they rework it first - on most devices it blocks instruments, especially in cockpit.

What a coincedence, I was just reading about this the other day. Very interesting concept that would be pretty cool if implemented.


My local airfield has this. Just three quickly successive transmissions and the whole airfield lights up. It’s really a sight to see, especially from a mile or so out and above.

Would be amazing to see this in IF.

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This is a cool idea! However, considering the airport & runway lights are somewhat weak to begin with, I don’t know if I see this as a possibility until after project metal, when lighting has a stronger presence in the sim.

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