Pilot Conduct on the Expert Server

What do you mean. A game ghost or an ATC ghost. Because IFATC scan already ghost. Also when IFATC ghost someone if shows the pilot the reason in their logbook.

I mean the game itself. If it is a safety issue and the pilot wont listen, the game could warn them and then ghost.

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Technically the game already does this. If you get 6 violations in row you get ghosted. But I get what your saying.

Well I just learned something new lol. But yeah I would like to see violations created for getting to close to other planes on approach and landing


I left the game quickly after hearing the “please check tutorials” bc I did not want to be ghosted and it was honestly kind of embarrassing. Needless to say my palms were sweaty as I was leaving and I am now currently mastering the tutorials for proper ATC communication and will have them mastered before I got back on the Expert ATC airports.

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This command is for controllers to help you to become a better pilot. We will not ghost you right after that unless you’re being an idiot. Next time just land, and go on here and ask/search what you did wrong is the best thing for you to do :)


That’s what I like to hear. Someone who actually does what it says. And trust me you won’t regret watching the tutorials one bit.
Also what @Matthew_Chan said is true as well.

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To add onto what Matthew said, you don’t need to leave your flight upon hearing “please check tutorials”. What the controller is simply telling you when that command is issued, is for you to brush up on some information before attempting another flight in that airspace/server.

There’s nothing wrong with a controller issuing that command as they’re trying to let you know that you can further improve. Its always recommended that you’re informed of speeds, and appropriate radio calls that need to be made when both ATC is active and inactive before launching your next flight on the Expert Server.

As always, there’s a chance for you to appeal a ghosting should it ever happen. Ensure that the appropriate screenshots are captured of ATC transmissions and the controllers name so that we have a full view of the issue. With this information, we are able to sort the issue out and/or provide feedback on what you or the controller can do better to improve.

We’re all here for the same reasons; to enjoy this flight simulator and to have fun! Its a mutual relationship. Help them out by doing the best you can. 🙂


Is it now accurate to assume that unless a pilot receives the “or you will be ghosted” tacked on to whatever disobeyance the IFATC controller asserts in his opinion might have been committed …that it is less likely now that PFI and CHP will by themselves guarantee a ghosting violation !!!

No that would be inaccurate to assume. The controllers are held to just as high standard that they were when they took their practical. If the controller is found to be abusing the ghosting privileges, their IFATC status will be revoked.

Again, both ATC and Pilots alike both play a crucial role in ensuring that communication is clear between both parties and that both understand the intention(s) of each other.

Okay. Everyone tosses the r-word around. But what do they do with a globe full of waypoints and airports? They make a single-waypoint flightplan, as do the people coming the reverse route.

So, all day, it’s this (if you’re wondering, the blue aircraft is out of my control/airspace; he was sitting much lower than the oncoming, but then decided to burst-climb to the exact altitude, in another baffling move):


Honestly. Every day, there’s the main route, with everyone flying both directions with not even a mile variation because they’re all following the same single-waypoint flightplans, in one direction or the other.

Take a few seconds, create a flight plan. The whole flightplan. Not just the last two waypoints before the destination runway.


If you feel that a controller was unfair to you for whatever reason then you should PM that person. If a controller does ghost you they must have evidence to back up there reasoning behind it. And if you have evidence of it as well and feel it was wrong then you can fight it and have it reversed if there was a miscommunication.

I never intended to imply that any controller was not being fair to me… my query was because since l heard for the first time…the phrase “or you will be ghosted” or similar syntax… for the first time on expert several weeks ago since the latest update…l assumed that since that command is now available then it would used as a final warning to an impending ghost…compared to previous versions when there were only repititions of PFI and CHP…and the pilot could rarely be sure if a ghosting was inevitable… also l have a special problem with more severe wifi lag now that all the scenery and other data are now continuously live streamed… so l am now much more careful whenever l go to expert particularly to airports with active controllers !!!

Check help doesn’t mean you will be ghosted, it means check the … tutorial. Not ragequit, or fearquit. Watch the … tutorial.

So, those of you reading this who won’t admit it, but know you do it, if you get a CHP every time you request to remain in pattern but then fly across an ocean, or every time you fly patterns at 5k AGL or above, or every time you tell Approach “Airport in Sight” from FL280 100 miles away on an ILS Approach, that doesn’t mean rage quit, it means watch the … tutorial.

I know people by call sign (and IFC name, so don’t bother telling me “not everyone has…”; I know) that are told every day they don’t request takeoff correctly and that they’re not flying patterns correctly, and every day they return with not the slightest hint that they know more than yesterday.

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If I were you I would just watch the tutorials to be sure your up-to-date on all the IF rules and procedures for the expert server. And me personally I’ll give three PFI before I ghost a user. The first one is telling the pilot to go back and check there logbook. The second one is saying figure out what your doing wrong quickly because your proboly gonna interfere with other traffic. The third one is a final warning.

If IFATC ghosted every person they instructed to “Check help pages”, the expert server population would be reduced by practically 25%. Yikes

The three follow instructions commands that show up in the miscellaneous menu are “Follow instructions”, “Please follow instructions” and “Follow instructions or you will be ghosted”. Only one of three will show up at one time.

There are certain times when I will have to say “Follow instructions or you will be ghosted” because that is only way I can tell the pilot to follow instructions. There is also other times where I wish “Follow instructions or you will be ghosted” showed up.

Think of air traffic as currents in a river. There needs to be a certain flow and order. If someone disrupts that flow IFATC will warn them repeatedly and if they continue to disobey they will be ghosted. There are ways to let IFATC that you are cooperating and that there is a serious issue at hand like a connection issue. You could send a distress signal through your display name or contact the controller on IFC. I have done both and things worked out. IFATC are only here to help pilots.


Very well said. This just reenforces the fact that ATC is your friend, not something to be afraid of


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