Pilot Conduct on the Expert Server

im saying that this dosent happen much on the training server and it is an embarrassment to the expert server

Ah gotcha, sorry for the misunderstanding

I wish that if ATC tell you to divert, you will be ghosted if you don’t after ATC tells you that 5+ times.

This is a big wake up call for the whole community!

Where was the ceremony held when l was decorated… must have missed the RSVP in my email !!!

I’m IFATC. I’m wasnt aware that there is a command to tell someone to divert.

It just says, whatever callsign, and Due to heavy traffic, tower is not accepting incoming planes at this time. Not sure if it means the same thing.


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I have always chosen to divert to a secondary or alternate airport when the tower airspace is crowded and there is no apr/dep controller… this is not bump cars !!!

Okay so once upon a time, which subsequently was not all that long ago, I encountered a troll on the training server. At that time I was told but there was nothing that could be done it was only the training server and subsequent punishments we’re pretty much of the obsolete and non-existent type.

So here I am probably a month or so later perhaps a bit longer and I encountered while preparing for a flight at Memphis in the Air National Guard parking area preparing my flight plan and such. Now as this was the first time I had seen any etiquette of the type in the negative persuasion I should say on the expert server I brought myself back to thinking about that moment mentioned at the beginning on the training server. Now quite honestly I did begin to record the incident but I have yet to go back and check and see if it actually recorded and saved. Now in this description of events and backstory does lie a point to be had.

Will there be ramifications for this users action this time given that it was on Expert server or is it once again going to be kind of brushed away, fall on deaf ears, or what would certainly be to my surprise handled and dealt with. Yeah let me be perfectly clear here this user did not affect my flight cuz I was just sitting on the tarmac the point is if we are supposed to conduct ourselves in the most professional way on Expert server. The user in which I speak of certainly did not exhibit said behavior that is expected.

I will go back and see if the incident was recorded but to be perfectly honest on my tablet I do believe I was running low on hard drive space and the recording may not have been saved.

If any moderators contact me I will provide the information, but I am not going to out right lay names out to the public forum here while said user or any one who associates with this person. Be privy to know that they are being reported.

I do apologize for the long and drawn-out explanation and backstory. Frequently though thorough information is requested when it would seem anyting that I personally have brought to light is under scrutiny or replied to.

Again I realize this user did not affect my flight it’s just about the etiquette.

Thank any and all who take the time to look into this matter, and while it may seem big headed I will sign it,
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That’s a thing should happen, the behaviour there was one year ago on training server move on expert, just because with time troll, bad pilots or unknowledge people get the amount of XP to access expert, and they isn’t shy about to come and repeat unfortunatly their shi*** things.

Fly with amount of people on expert is now a headache, basic rules not respected, impatient people cut through the line, don’t follow instructions, never use the radio… I stoped for ever trying to control on TS, players is useless, can’t even know their left right even if they reply, acrobatiques jumbo jet…
And i don’t want join IFATC (for personnal reason)

My opinion is (sorry if that’s hurts), IF know the problem for a long time and pretty much do nothing in-game to change people’s attitude online, even there was beautiful tutoriels by Mark Denton,follow basic rules or direct instructions is too hard for People, and that unfair à part of the community who liked a bit of realism, mainly in expert server.

There is a lots of repressive rules would be added, we can also enforce ghosting or violation but i’m not sure it’s the right way, adding servers with mention of realism or simulation (bearing with actual server and mention of training and expert) will move bunch of people on a good place where they can find what they want.
Finally i think we can’t avoid troll or bad things, there will be always one or two, and don’t forget it’s just an application accessible to everyone, we are not pilot (for 99%), but improve should be made to make everyone happy.

(edit) : when i want fly a new zone, know a plane or try acrobatique things i always move casual, because i think it’s a server where training and trying new stuff is right place and people around would not embarass them

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@Feurum Would you mind sending me that video? Just realized that was my session.
One of the busiest airspaces I’ve ever had

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Bottom line is we can’t police the whole world at the same time. In a perfect world we would have enough atc to cover things but right now that is not possible.

Personally I am not going to ghost someone based off a picture from days ago. If you can find them and send them a nice PM that is about all you can do. Keep in mind that not every pilot is a member of the forum. This sort of problem is there with every network based game with live interaction.

The post was an educational one and hope that pilots read it.

I do not want this thread to turn into a complaint thread. It serves no purpose and encourages other to vent which fuels the negativity.


Ok. I’ll PM you soon!

I have noticed lately pilots who pushback with permission and then for some reason start to taxi without permission (if your like the only pilot on the ground I can let it go). I have also noticed pilots who taxi past the hold short line and stop halfway on the runway. Then they request takeoff. This will get you ghosted if someone’s on final. Luckily for this pilot there wasn’t so I just let him takeoff.
One last point, if you receive “please check toturials on the fourm for assistance using ATC instructions” this is not a ghost (please don’t just leave the game) your not going to learn anything and will most likely make the mistake agian. This has been said multiple times and yet it stills happens. You would be so amazed by what you could learn if you watched all the tutorials.

Guys remember 3 mile distance or 1000 ft above each other maybe we need to have a sky lane control frequency or Proximity Warning System mp3 voice to alert people because I don’t like to get tail gated in the sky unless it’s some one in a fighter jet or it’s for an event

I believe that could be a part of TCAS… but l guess you could put it on the bucket list for a little more irl realism in the future !!!

Aaahhhhh apply merging target procedures…

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I’m not even ATC and this drives me nuts, among others things 🤦🏽‍♂️! Stop being lazy with the Unicom and with ATC


So quick question. Why can’t IF ghost people in expert? If the game can, then why don’t they set a procedure for getting too close to another A/C upon landing? They could even pop a message saying why you got ghosted by IF. This should just be for the Expert server only though.