Pilot Conduct on the Expert Server

Fantastic notice DC. Hopefully people will be more aware next time.



As a pilot who enjoys flying, i was reminded why i dont do events last night. I made sure that i was one of the last pilots to land after i saw the madness on final appr. I was disappointed to see decorated grade 4 and 5 pilots act like grade 1 noobs on casual. I’m glad to say that i extended my downwind and was one of the 10 last aircraft to land.
Truly sad sight on expert last night

Awesome, this was much needed!

Oh my goodness… That awesome level just shot through the roof.


Well said! I will be sharing this within my VA CEO, and will use this as a useful tool for future reference.

Thank you for this reminder. With routine flights, everyone tends to forget those basic rules and people sometimes try to rush to the airport so they can land as soon as possible.
Also, pilots should abort landing and execute a missed approach if they see there’s a plane just ahead that is too close. It’s frustrating when you have to land faster because there’s someone behind you constantly pushing.

I’d prefer flying in the training server because there is always ATC
no matter what but sometimes I would take a fly in the expert server. I had left that airport 23 minutes before all those 30 aircraft were in the approach I could see it in my map as I was departing for OMDB

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I think you just announce you are going around, I get missed approach and go around mixed up

Just remember that Training may not be experienced ATC

Well, hopefully this will end half the crimes being committed on ES1 (parody intended).

Shame it’s come down to having to make posts like these. Good work DeerCrusher.

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I can’t say it enough, Pilots, when the ATC leaves the tower on the expert server, continue to condone yourself as an expert! Simple!


Much needed. Great job Deer.

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Great post Deer… This will he shared with our pilots at virtualBlue. They’re required to fly fligtplans with SID/STAR/ILS included and certainly agree with the implementation of SID/STARs @jmwilliams17

Perhaps in a future update, it’ll help the controllers out quite a bit to have “DIRECT TO WAVEY” or “DESCEND VIA the STAR” and “CLIMB VIA THE SID” commands.

Flying proper procedures at the bigger airports is essential for spacing. Take the ROBUC3 into KBOS for instance or ANY of the RNAV STAR’s into big airports these days-they’re designed for vertical and horizontal (speed) separation.

At virtualBlue our pilots are required to follow SID/STAR and ILS. We created a tutorial video for reading charts as well.

We had an event into KBOS and when the STAR is followed properly-on speed and altitude turning onto the ILS, the first pilot touches down on the runway as the second pilot behind him is at the outer marker, the third pilot behind is intercepting the localizer and the fourth pilot behind is at the last waypoint on the STAR. It’s a beautiful thing to see WHEN the pilots are trained to read the charts and fly the procedures properly. There’s obviously issues with missing waypoints but that I guess is going to be more easily fixable now with the Nav database updates.


Thank you @DeerCrusher, as an expert controller, when on tower it is extremely difficult when being bombarded with traffic to sequence them when they don’t care about spacing.

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Thank you Deer! This is much needed. I will be gladly sharing this post with my VA. One question: Do you think that you guys need more mods to enforce discipline?

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Much needed address, It is good to bring it to attention at last. We should all be setting an example on the Expert Server, flying courteously, graciously and realistically. That way we can enjoy the game much more for the marvel that it is.

Happy Flying!

i would like to say at a large airport such as klax on the training server the rare occasion it is uncontrolled a unicom is very organised with a few stragglers here and there but nothing like whats shown here and it is very disappointing as i cant yet go on the expert server but at this rate idk if i want to after these things that make the training server appear to have more realism

@DeerCrusher you need to check out the training server busy unicoms as occasionally they make expert look bad

It’s the training server, there’s nothing you can do about it…

This post was specifically made for the expert server