Pilot Conduct on the Expert Server

I am making this post on behalf of the IFVARB and as a supervisor for IFATC.

It has been brought to our attention that some pilots are forgetting rules of the sky or losing the ability to pilot an aircraft in an airspace controlled (specifically on the Expert Server) by IFATC. I think we can all agree that if we were one of the pilots of the aircraft below, that we’d be frustrated that pilots are cutting in line, or not paying attention, or whatever the case may be.

The screenshot below identifies about 30 aircraft in a very short radius of each other. Many aircraft are in a position where they will converge or cross paths if they continue on their current path. Its as if folks are playing a game of chicken. Who can hold out the longest before the other makes a turn to avoid a collision. This is not the name of the game and it needs to stop.

Image provided by @Mark_Eatman

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I realize that not all folks who fly on the Casual, Training, or Expert Servers, are on the IFC. But you have friends who are friends with someone who may not be on the forum. Share this with those on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Text message, etc.

This post only applies if approach is not available

If approach is not available and only Tower and Ground are active, space yourself out from others. What does this mean?

There are a few ways to space yourself out:

  • Do a 360, extend your pattern leg (upwind, crosswind, downwind, base), or fly a heading that will increase the separation between you and the aircraft in front of you.

  • Fly a slower speed. Just because the 250kts below 10,000ft rules is in effect, does not mean you need to fly 249kts. Add some flaps, and slow the speed down. Just think, if you fly at a slower speed, you won’t have to fly away from the airport as far if you’re extending a downwind for separation.

  • Anything that approach would tell you to do if you were too close to an aircraft, is probably a wise choice. Fly your aircraft as if approach is active.

For those in VA’s/VO’s

CEOs: You need to step up and take some action on pilots who may be in violation of this. As a CEO, you need to ensure that your pilots are operating their aircraft in a respectful manner. Not only does this apply to other pilots who may be flying in the vicinity of others but also to IFATC. I highly suggest that you chat with your pilots to ensure that they are respecting other pilots and IFATC alike on the Expert Server especially. The Training Server is a place where pilots and ATC train and learn the rules that are available to them on within Infinite Flight. As a CEO, you will be held responsible for your pilots actions and possible removal from the VA Database is likely if reports of your pilots arise.

Pilots: IFATC is a group of men and a few women, who volunteer their time to YOU. They don’t have to provide anything to anyone. They have trained for countless hours and have taken the time to go to the next level within Infinite Flight. This is their choice to open an airport and provide a service to YOU. The least you could do is help them out.
By separating yourselves from other aircraft (as noted above) outside of controlled airspace you are helping out IFATC tremendously. The sooner you separate yourself the better. Group flights are great in cruise, but when you’re beginning your arrival into the region of your destination, you need to help us (IFATC and other pilots) out. Its not fair for people to be put in holding patterns or denied entry to an airport because you decided to wait until the last minute.

For those NOT in VA’s/VO’s

Pilots: Same thing applies to you as noted above. Help us, help you!


Drop them below. Any complaint replies will be deleted as this is not the appropriate place to do so. The goal of this post is to reduce the impact and it might be a stretch but eliminate future issues like this from happening.

This post may not apply to everyone. For those who already separate yourself from the pack, thank you!


Well said! Can we pin this?


This is a much needed post. Just because there isn’t ATC does not mean that you can fly in an unsafe and ridiculous manner.


Great topic Deer! Just what we needed


great topic, i think we really needed this post. especially as at the moment there seems to be more airports open with just ground, tower and ATIS


I’ve seen conduct such as this multiple times. Pilots need to learn respect and your post is excellent in portraying that message. Instead of “Check Help Pages,” we need “Check DeerCrusher’s Post.” Great topic!


Gonna share this thread! A much-needed post!

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IFFG need this for sure. I’m going ahead and putting it on if it hasn’t been! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Thanks for posting this @DeerCrusher. It is much needed.

We at Delta Virtual are ashamed that the actions of a few have resulted in a post needing to be made. We at DLVA have already identified the pilots that were in question today from Delta Virtual to make sure this does not happen again during one of our events or while ANY DLVA pilot is representing our callsign in their flight.

We have already created an internal post via our slack shortly after today’s event making sure that our pilots realize the importance of maintaining proper procedure. We hold our standards above any other, for good reason.

If anyone sees our pilots causing any issues, we are very happy for you to let us know and we will make sure it is taken care of.

On Behalf of the Delta Virtual Airline Staff


Well, I just shared to my fellow IFC friends on a PM. Much needed.

Thanks, @DeerCrusher


Thank you gonna share on discord as well as with close friends. i just shared on the official Fortnite discord server lol


Thanks this is so much need it.
I was there exactly, I was holding short of the runway.
I could see 2-3 traffics landed on the same runway at the same time, without going around, at that time I feel I am in Training server.
If you don’t want to follow rules and try to be professional for YOURSELF then sorry You aren’t welcome to Expert server.

Thanks for all IFATC for your precious time


I agree fully with this. There have been some occasions where I had to fly at a slower speed to avoid a line of two people. I a few times made a 360 to avoid people. I know it maybe inconvenient as we just love getting to our destination. We however must remain professional even in the absence of IFATC. Pretend you have people on board and you will fly differently, I know I have. A flight isn’t a race.


Situations like this highlight the need for SID/STAR’s to be identified on the ATIS frequency/Pilot’s Flight Plan when applicable.

Fantastic post though, which serves as a reminder we could all use from time to time


That doesn’t even happen in ts that would be a rare cs event but in expert server?!?!

I strongly disagree. The only people that would folloe the SID and STAR would be the same people that space themselves properly in a scenario like the screenshot above - it would be nice to have - but would not resolve the problem pointed out by DeerCrusher… unfortunately :(.

By the way, nice post DC!


This is why we need more groups like IFAE


I agree with this 110%. My issue is when there isn’t any ATC at the field. Some feel it is carte blanche to fly however they want, and not use Unicom. I use Unicom all the time, even if I’m the only one at the field.

I was just at LAX, on Expert Server, no ATC coverage, minding my own bidness, doing patterns, using Unicom, I had one individual who was doing patterns from LAX to Long Beach and back, not a peep on the radio.

It’s very frustrating when you have a chosen few who somehow made it on Expert and act like complete buffoons.

Yes. I did report said person, it’s completely uncalled for.


Discipline. It boils down to discipline. Like you said, using Unicom even when nobody is around creates a habit for us in the long run regardless if traffic is there or not. I just hope that this can at least spark something so we can get going in the right direction in terms of pilot skill.


I concur DC. By the numbers. Always. Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of rookie mistakes and some boneheaded moves I’ll own BUT, I’ll take my lumps and learn from it.