Pilot Communication Page?

Does anyone know the name of the website that allows people to get in contact with private pilots who are offering to take people up for a flight? I am not sure if it is for England only (only place I checked as I am English). Someone posted it on the groups a few months ago but I can’t find it!

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Neither! It is like a general page that all pilots and enthusiasts can sign up to. Then pilots can say if they want to take anyone up for a flight and non pilots can ask if anyone is available. Pilots just put up some contact details and so on and then you can contact them. I was looking for pilots at Cranfield ((:

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This is awesome! I’m in the UK and I’d love to do this, let me know if you get the name.

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I can’t find it still //: I will ask on the groups later

You can get a private charter. If someone took a one way charter somewhere you could see if you could take the private jet back to where it needs to be for 500 dollars from coast coast

I am thinking more like casual flying

Oh man I would love this…

Cheaper than a normal commercial flight and cockpit access!

Got my first seaplane flight up in Vermont with a private pilot. So awesome…

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It’s called “Young Eagles”. I don’t know if it’s for England, but in the US it gives kids a chance to get their first flight (absolutely free).

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Sounds cool but I am pretty sure that’s not it //: