Pilot Chat

So I was thinking, when you’re on Unicom, you sometimes to communicate with other pilots rather then ATC.
Here’s an example
(When you are taxing to runway and need to give way to other aircraft)

Speedbird 52: "Ryanair 102, Your right of way. Speedbird 52"
Ryanair 102: "Speedbird 52, Thank you. Ryanair 102"
Speedbird 52: “You’re welcome, Speedbird 52”

The way you could chat would be on the map, you would click on another aircraft and a variety of messages would appear.

Thank you, and please be sure to vote!
(Please be free to tell me if this is a duplicate)

It’s already been asked if you mean something like this:


I just searched it. I didn’t see it. Although, I think this would be hard to implement and confusing to most users. I think it’s as fine as is…I mean we have ATC already.

Now I get it something like this? Like pilots can send pr written phrases

That one is old it should be closed

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