Pilot Characters?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering what you all thought about the the planes which have actual pilots now built into them. I think all of the new planes in the update have them and maybe one or two older ones as well.

Personally, I’m not a fan but I’d love to hear what you all think!


Why wouldn’t you like them? It makes it more realistic…


They are unsettling to me. These lifeless creatures, who don’t blink, breathe, or move, just stare at the cockpit window. Their faces are expressionless, and not once to they ever touch the yoke, or the throttle, or anything for that matter.



He’s the only one who actually knows how to fly the plane, I’m the decoration…I just take all the credit ;p


I’m with you on this one, it just seems odd to have them their with their lifeless hands sitting on their lap the whole time…


Tony is one of my best friends, why wouldn’t you like them?


MaxSez: The corpses in the pit are a distraction! I prefer looking at a full pit avionics display and acudaments. Hell of a realistic display in most models, I feel at home now in “ most” models and can’t wait for working instruments…


here the thing with IF, once the plane is released they don’t change anything to it (besides fixing). for example the The Boeing 737 has not been touch since 2012 or 2013.

People complain when there’s nobody up front and now people complain that there are pilots. Make up your mind. If you do not like them, feel free to vote for this.


I’m just waiting for the copilot in the DC-10/MD-11 to jump out and scare me mid-flight 😂


Maybe what they asked were the slightly animated pilot :D

Didn’t asked too much but a slight hand movement around the yoke, or at least they can move their vision from window-instruments in front-instruments above-window again, so the pilot would not seems like what maxsez : the corpses :)

Just my two cents…

I personally think it would be cool to see the hands on th yoke and mimic the movements of the yoke

Take them out or just to option to would be even better.

I personally don’t care, it adds a nice touch. (Though it would be absolutely hilarious if they looked like Otto)

I think they are cool. Mainly for the reason that there can be a comparison in size between the pilot and the plane. Allowing for the realization of how big the aircraft actually are

i’ve called my Co-Pilot Kenneth - its an honour to share the cockpit with such a great man!

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MaxSez: Pilot Characters: Yes Pilots are Characters right out of comic books. I note the furtile mind of youth at play in the comments here in. Reminds me of Terry and the Pirates, Sky King etc. Ya know Pilot Charactor has a hierarchy, Fighter Pilots are at the top descending quickly to Trash Haulers, Sports Pilots and finally AvSimmers. Where do you stand “Young Birdman”?

(Note: I said it before and I’ll say it again, “I don’t want no stinking stick figures or corpse’s in the way of the dynamite and accurate cockpits in “MY IF Aircraft Inventory”. G’day All

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I’m still putting my vote in for Otto the inflatable auto pilot from the movie AIRPLANE! Vote yes for Otto!image


I tried to post the same thing but since I’m a low on the totem pole, my posts have to be reviewed!!!


Pilot characters…dead or alive…real or fake…movable or immovable…are still creepy. But to be fair, a great addition by FDS!