Pilot Careers Live London

Pilot Careers Live Heathrow (Hotel Sofitel, T5.)

Hello all! Yesterday I was given the amazing opertunity to go to Pilotscareerslive in Heathrow. During my time there, I visited several flight schools, such as L3HARRIS, CAE, airBaltic Training and many others. I asked lots of questions and met a cadet from L3HARRIS who had the same dream job as me, a pilot for Virgin Atlantic, so we had a chat about the price, and the training length etc. There were many airlines there, including Jet2, easyJet (with CAE), British Airways, airBaltic and Ryanair. (even a visit from Eurocontrol) I learned a lot of information about the aviation industry, which definitely helped me get an idea of how I’d become a pilot. I was given many freebies at this conference, and was given many leaflets and booklets about each flight schools. One that I found good was airBaltic Training. Even though their training was in Riga, Latvia (a long way from home) once you passed their training, you were guarenteed permanent work at airBaltic. From my point of view, the main competetors were CAE and L3HARRIS, both having worked with many airlines across the globe.

If you are looking to join the aviation industry as a pilot, I highly recommend visiting one of these events, the next one is at Rome in 19 days (https://www.pilotcareernews.com/live/)

There are lots of interactive stuff there, L3HARRIS had a flight simulator where you land an A320 in VR! There were several other simulators, but this one by far was the best. There was also the RAF & Royal Navy there.

I didn’t take any pictures sadly, but feel free to have a read through, and maybe visit it one day yourself.

If there are any questions you’d like to ask me about this event, feel free!


Did they go into detail about costs by any chance?

Here is a link to their website. They will help with the financing.


I took a leaflet from them, I’ll see if that had any info on costs.

Edit: No information on there about costs, but the website should have it.

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