Pilot Career Pathways Chart (Civil)

I’ve been looking into flight schools recently as I enter my final year of university and I came across this very interesting chart that shows all the possible avenues to achieving your pilots license. This is from a Canadian flight school, so it may differ in the country you are in, but I believe its nearly the same everywhere.

For all the real world pilots out there, I’m interested in your pathway to your pilots license. If there was anything you could do different, would you?

For you aspring pilots, what pathway are you thinking of going?


So far it looks like the Intergrated Airline Transport Pilot Program option for me !

Starting in 2019.

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Go to the military and get your licenses there. You can save a lot of cash.


Good note, I changed this to civil. It completely neglects the military routes!

I plan on going to Embry Riddle Aeronautical university or any Aeronautical university to get my licence. During my time in the university, I plan on working part time at an airport to generate experience.

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