Pilot can talk to passengers

I think it would be nice if the pilot can talk to the passengers to say like “in 5 minutes we are landing at San Diego” or same thing like “we are flying through a little bit of turbulence so please wait for the call sign to turn off”


How about A few fat old Studi in the main cabin! They could even serve cold coffee or tea to the flight crew… Just sayin. Max Sends


They should change the ATC to sound more like a radio with some pilot lingo (for advanced/expert sever) and keep it the way it is for playground for those that are learning.

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When you tap the ATC button in live, it should show 2 sections:

1: Air Traffic Control
2: Passengers

Or something like that


What if people could fly along with pilots, as passengers, and rate the pilots flying skills? This could be used to get them onto advanced instead of playground.


What’s the point of having the seatbelts and no smoking buttons if we have no passengers?


Lol good point

Realism so turn no smoking on before every flight.

I have group flights with people who make use of the seatbelt sign and then in Slack, they be like

Turn off seat belt sign, time to serve food!

What’s on the menu today?



Yea “Cabin Crew Please Prepare for takeoff”

“S’il vous plaît préparer pour le décollage”
Or when IF HS time they make there own safety video!!

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Did you mean Kevin Khoo? :o)


We really want passengers sounds and captain sounds if possible to add them next update

Should ask some devs and mods to be the voices! :D

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I hope these buttons they are real

Great iddee for global

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In Swiss “cabine crew, décollage dans une minute” or “ding doung” :p

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This is completely worthless and will be the last thing added.

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Am I the only one who sometimes say, "This is your Captain Speaking. We will be approach runway XX in about X minutes time. Thank you for flying X, and have a great flight!

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Usually, that’s the flight stewards job…