Pilot_B's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello, this will be my ATC tracking thread as I progress toward IFATC. Feel free to come by when I am controlling! You are welcome to leave feedback if you want, and have fun!

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Hi, I am now open at Boston Logan Airport! I should be open for about an hour.

Training Server

Pattern work is always allowed
Departing 27 and 33L
Landing 27 and 33L

Feedback is appreciated

Now closed!

I’m opening at East Midlands for the next hour, maybe longer, please come by and do some patterns if you’d like! Feedback is always appreciated!

Training Server

Departing 27
Landing 27

Winds 300@4

Now closed

Now open at Dalaman Airport in southwest Turkey! Please stop by and do some patterns to help me prepare for IFATC! Feedback is always welcomed, and pattern work is always allowed.

Training Server

Departing 01
Landing 01

Winds 050@5

now closed

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how long will you be open? i will stop by depending on how long you’ll be open.

I just like to fly long patterns .

I should be open for at least another 30 minutes

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Are you training to be in IFATC?

Yes I’m training

Oh nice! Well I have just a few things for feedback but other than these you did well.

  1. You need to work on speed of your calls and you get that by just practice.
  2. Before you open you need to know your airport such as transitions, the runway you’re going to use for landing and departing aircraft, the biggest aircraft for your airport, the wind, etc… overall you did this as I see above where you put the wind and runway. The only thing was the transition wasn’t correct. At this airport the elevation is 20ft. You can honestly just round that down to 0 considering its so close. When aircraft are in the pattern GA aircraft fly at 1000ft AGL and Jets fly at 1500ft AGL. You always want to have a 1000ft gap between your transition altitude and your jet pattern altitude. So in your case nothing changes because the elevation like I said is basically 0. So here at this airport the correct transition would be 2500ft. But at least your transition was high instead of low.
  3. When you clear an aircraft you don’t have to tell them which traffic to make each time you clear them unless they request runway change or an inbound aircraft requesting touch and goes or you need the aircraft to change their pattern direction for any reason.

Other than this you did well.

Thanks for the great feedback, I will work on those things next time!

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Open at Palma de Mallorca! Please join in and help me practice for IFATC! Feedback is welcomed and pattern work is allowed.

Training Server

Departing 06L/06R
Landing 06L/06R

Winds 060@13kt

note - I would like to get some practice with runway changes while in the pattern as well as transitions so feel free to do those things

now closed

Now online at Boston Logan, trying out some intersecting runways. Please leave feedback if you decide to stop by! Pattern work allowed.

Training Server

Departing 27/33L
Landing 27/33L

Winds 310@7

Throw anything you can at me!

** now closed **

Hey, I was NR8K with a Cessna 172.

First of all, your taxi instructions were great! You told me to expert some and in the end you told me to continue at own discretion. Great job!

What wasn’t so good:

  1. I asked for pushback in a Cessna. You always have to keep two things in eye. Is the place cleared and is the aircraft able to pushback?!

  2. You cleared me for take off on runway 33L with right traffic. Normally it should be left traffic but since the airspace was empty and runway 33R wasn’t in use it’s okay. It was unnecessary to give me a pattern instruction command after take off since I knew it was right traffic and because I was nr. 1, you should just clear me for the option.

You can check the IFATC Manual to avoid upcoming errors like this but with a little bit of more training you are going to be a good ATC. Also make sure to give the exit runway command a bit earlier like 70kts or if you know the aircraft is stable on ground. 🙂✈️

You got me on the first one. I’ll work on paying more attention to those things.

As for the right traffic, I issued that because IRL 33R is almost never used, and left traffic would bring you right over the city, but I know sometimes in a busy airspace I may need to sacrifice some of that realism.

Anyways, thanks for the great feedback!

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Thanks for opening and good luck with your recruitment to IFATC. My feedback begins below.


  1. You gave me an incorrect transition altitude. Remember you must round up to the nearest 500ft. I should have been cleared for transition at 3,500ft.
  2. You handled my first pattern entry perfectly! It was a bit confusing when you sent me for right traffic on 33L though the technique was spot on. I’ve read past feedback and it seems another user was confused too. We’re not all Boston airspace experts and so you should trade off realism for clarity (in my opinion, not according to any IFATC guideline).
  3. After the pattern entry, I got radio silence from you. Be proactive and clear me for the option as early as you can — especially if the airspace is empty, as it was today. I was just about turning base when I was cleared for the option.
  4. You handled my runway change to 32 well in terms of pattern entry, but again, you were rather casual with the option clearance.
  5. On my second pattern to 32 you told me to “go around.” I was going to make it, but well done for demonstrating you will use the command to control your airspace!
  6. Once again, you were a bit casual with your commands. After I requested departure and you approved it, you could’ve given me a “frequency change approved” almost straight away. I was the only aircraft in the airspace.

Overall, you did a good job. It’s just a case, in my opinion; of fine-tuning the minor things, being more proactive, and brushing up on the great tips given in the IFATC manual and tutorials.

Good luck with the continuation of your IFATC recruitment.



First of all thanks for the amazing feedback!

As for #1, I could be wrong, but isn’t transition altitude 2500 + airport elevation, and at BOS the elevation is 19ft, do I still have to round up even if the airport level is so close to 0?
2. Roger that, I’ll issue left traffic next time!
3. Noted
4. Noted
5. It looked like you were about to crash on my screen 😂
6. Noted

So what I am taking away from this is be more clear and proactive, and trading in clarity for realism if needed.

Once again thanks for the great feedback


I’ve often thought about the first question, it does seem pointless for a mere 19ft. However, to go by IFATC guidelines, round up by 500ft.

I think the only airport I’ve ever done 2,500ft transition clearances for is EHAM.

Thanks for working with my tight and crashy pattern works!


Ok thanks for clarifying. Thanks for helping me out!

Have a nice day!

Currently open at Bali in Indonesia! Please come fly some patterns, or anything you want and help me practice!

Training Server

Departing 27
Landing 27

Winds 250@7


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